Big Yields and a 2020 Brand Outlook

Listen below as DEKALB Brand Manager Kathleen McKittrick, Product Line Manager Andrew Cassidy and 2019 NCGA Yield Contest winner Marvin Wiles discuss with Brownfield Ag News how despite a challenging season, DEKALB farmers still managed to come out on top. 

Rising to the Occasion

It’s no secret that the 2019 season was one of the most challenging for farmers in recent years. However, despite all its curveballs, DEKALB still achieved a strong showing in the 2019 NCGA Yield Contest and overall performance. “Supporting some of the performances we saw this past growing season, we saw DEKALB® exclusive genetics continue to have that proven ability to stand up to different types of challenging environments,” said DEKALB Brand Manager Kathleen McKittrick. “Many farmers have also found that using Bayer crop-protection products, such as Delaro® fungicide and Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions, really helped protect that high yield potential of those DEKALB products.”

Good Genetics, Strong Practices

Marvin Wiles of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, was the first-place state winner in the 2019 NCGA Yield Contest. He says the 2019 growing season was less than optimal, but good genetics and strong agronomic practices helped him take home a state win with over 295 bushels per acre.

“The particular plot we won with, first and second in the state, was DKC 60-88. That's a 110-day hybrid. It's a RIB Complete® blend. With weed control, of course we're going to go down with a good pre-emergent that involves grass and barley weed herbicide. We're going to use a planned two-pass program, so we've got an early pre-emergent that went down with some 32% nitrogen. Then in that V-5 stage, we come back and we spray a postemergent application of an herbicide. We can't seem to end up with the quality of weed control we'd like to attain unless we use a plan two-pass. When we came back at the V-5 treatment, we also had a fungicide treatment there as well,” said Wiles.

What to Expect

DEKALB Product Line Manager Andrew Cassidy says DEKALB has positioned itself for a strong 2020 season with 28 new, high-performing products that have demonstrated excellent yield potential.

“The new products that DEKALB has launched, as well as specific products that already exist in the portfolio, have the added value of the Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions ELITE with Enhanced Disease Control treatment,” said Cassidy. “It's offered with all new products, as well as others that exist in the portfolio that are available throughout the U.S. That really provides early to midseason disease control on top of the previously applied treatments.”

Bayer PLUS Rewards

Don’t forget that with the new Bayer PLUS Rewards program, farmers can earn cash incentives when they purchase eligible Bayer crop production products including herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and other agronomic add-ons.


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