Evaluation of New Deltapine® Cotton Varieties



  • Each season a new set of candidate cotton varieties are introduced through the Deltapine® New Product Evaluator (NPE) program.

  • This study was conducted to evaluate the new products in the cotton production system at Scott, Mississippi.



Location Scott, MS Planting Date 5/17/19
Soil Type Commerce silt loam Harvest Date 10/9/19
Previous Crop Corn
Potential Yield
Tillage Type Conventional
Seeding Rate
  • Twelve Deltapine® cotton varieties were included in this study:
    • DP 1614 B2RF
    • DP 1916 B3XF
    • DP 1518 B2XF
    • DP 2012 B3XF
    • DP 1823NR B2XF
    • DP 1725 B2XF
    • DP 2020 B3XF
    • DP 2038 B3XF
    • DP 2055 B3XF
    • DP 1835 B3XF 
    • DP 1845 B3XF
    • DP 1646 B2XF
  • Varieties were planted in strip plots 6 rows wide and 550 feet long, approximately 0.25 acre/plot.
  • Plant growth regulator was applied to all varieties as 4.2% a.i. mepiquat chloride, with a total of 38 oz applied at the following timings and rates:
    • 7/14 at 10 oz/acre
    • 8/7 at 12 oz/acre
    • 8/30 at 16 oz/acre
  • All weed control, insect control, and irrigation inputs were applied per local standards.
  • Six rows were harvested for yield and lint samples were ginned using research gins at Scott, Mississippi to estimate turnout.




  • An average turnout of 42% was observed across the tested varieties (Figure 1).

  • Higher than expected yields were observed across this study. Of the 12 tested varieties, 9 varieties had calculated yields of greater than 4 bales/acre (greater than 1920 lb/acre). The trial average was 1997 lb/acre.

  • In this demonstration, the highest yield ever recorded at Scott Learning Center was harvested. DP 1646 B2XF yielded 2394 lb of lint/acre or 4.9875 bales/acre. This is likely a function of favorable weather, management, and yield potential, which were all greatly positive factors during 2019.




  • The NPE candidate varieties and current commercial Deltapine® products appeared to have very high yield potential in the Scott, Mississippi location during 2019.
  • Consult your local Bayer representatives for further information about variety placement and management for the 2020 season.



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