Performance of Asgrow® Brand Soybean Products on Two Soil Types – 2019



  • Demonstration strip trials were conducted to evaluate the yield potential of current and new Asgrow® soybean products on both silt loam and heavy clay soil types.



  • All weed control, insect control, and irrigation inputs were applied per local standards.
  • The trial was conducted on strip plots: 12 rows x approximately 500 feet long with 6 rows. 
  • All yields were collected using commercial harvest equipment with the Climate FieldView™ platform digital app and Precision Planting® YieldSense™ yield monitoring systems.
  • Asgrow® brand soybean products planted:
    • AG 19X8
    • AG 42X9
    • AG 43X8
    • AG 44X0
    • AG 45X8
    • AG 46X0
    • AG 46X6
    • AG 47X0
    • AG 47X9
    • AG 48X9
    • AG 49X9
    • AG 52X9
    • AG 53X0
    • AG 53X9
    • AG 55X7
  • The trial was planted using 7.5-inch x 38-inch twin rows with a Monosem twin row planter.
  • Irrigation was applied as needed.
  • Plots were desiccated at appropriate timings prior to harvest.
  • All yields were corrected to 13.5% moisture.




  • High yield were observed across these demonstration strip plots with soybean products showing greater potential on the Commerce silt loam soil than on the Sharkey clay soil type. This is consistent with long-term results.
  • Poor drainage and heavy early-season rainfall during 2019 likely explains the reduced yield seen in soybean products in poorly drained soils such as the Sharkey clay soil type.



  • Current and new Asgrow® brand soybean products offer growers high yield potential options to be planted.
  • Prior to placing soybean products on their farm, growers should consult with their local Bayer seed representative to ensure proper placement regarding yield potential, disease package, and soil type adaptation for each product.



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