Protecting the Corn Crop From Disease Pressure

Corn seedling and foliar diseases can cause millions of lost bushels a year. And now as we head into the growing season, it’s especially important to be protected against any disease threats. DEKALB® Product Development Manager Jeremy Lake spoke with Brownfield Ag News to discuss what strong lines of defense DEKALB is offering to its farmers in 2020.

“As I think about corn seedling diseases in particular, usually Pythium and Fusarium are the most common fungi associated with seed rots and seedling rots of corn,” says Jeremy. “The longer that seed sits in the ground, the greater the likelihood of infection of these fungal pathogens.” 

What to look for

“Symptoms will vary and, often in the field, diagnosis can be difficult, primarily because they can mimic other field issues such as environmental stresses that may be happening at the same time,” says Jeremy. “Most foliar diseases that impact yield typically show in that late vegetative stages or around patho time and can come through grain fill as well, although there are some that actually can occur earlier than that.”


“Fungicide corn seed treatments are mostly common practice, so broad spectrum seed treatments such as Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions can offer superior protection to fungal pathogens, minimizing that risk of seedling diseases,” says Jeremy. “For the 2020 growing season, Acceleron seed treatments with enhanced disease control are offered with all new DEKALB products and other top DEKALB performers as well.”

DEKALB Disease Shield was launched in 2017 and has continued to be effective in protecting against the top five corn diseases without sacrificing yield potential,” says Jeremy. “There are four new DEKALB Disease Shield products that have been introduced for the 2020 growing season.”

“To go along with DEKALB Disease Shield, fungicides are also an effective tool in our toolbox to control foliar diseases,” says Jeremy. “And from Bayer's standpoint, Delaro® fungicide offers a broader spectrum of disease control and best-in-class dual mode of action, residual type of a fungicide in the industry.”

Use our seed finder tool to learn what products work best with your variety to keep it protected.

Listen below as DEKALB Product Development Manager Jeremy Lake discusses what symptoms to be looking for in your corn fields and how to protect them.


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DEKALB® Disease Shield® technology offers the broadest protection available against the top five yield-robbing corn diseases without sacrificing yield potential. 


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