Response of Corn Refuge Products to Seeding Rate



All southern corn growers are required to plant a non-insect protected corn refuge if growing Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) corn. The objectives of this trial are to:  

  • Evaluate the response of refuge (non-Bt) corn products to seeding rate.
  • Determine the population that optimizes the yield potential and standability for each refuge corn product. 
  • Show growers how to optimize the performance of refuge corn products in their corn refuges. 
  • Encourage improved grower compliance with refuge requirements.



Location Scott, MS    
Soil Type Mixed Clay, Silt Loam   

Previous Crop  Cotton    
Tillage Type Conventional

Planting Date 5/02/20    
Harvest Date 9/11/20  

Potential Yield
Seeding Rate

23K, 28K, 33K, 38K, 43K



  • This demonstration was conducted as a non-replicated large block. 
  • Four DEKALB® brand Roundup Ready® Corn 2 products were planted at five seeding rates. Emergence was approximately 95% of the planted seeding rate.
    • DKC62-05 Brand
    • DKC66-94 Brand
    • DKC68-24 Brand
    • DKC70-25 Brand
  • Nitrogen was applied at 240 lb/acre as 32% liquid UAN. All weed control, insect control, and irrigation inputs were applied per local standards.
  • All data was collected using Precision Planting® 20/20 SeedSense® via the Climate FieldView™Platform. Average yield data were corrected to 15.5% moisture in the analysis.



Figure 1. Response of four refuge corn brands to seeding rate (seeds/acre).  Figure 1. Response of four refuge corn brands to seeding rate (seeds/acre).

  • Three brands in this demonstration, DKC62-05 Brand, DKC66-94 Brand, and DKC68-24 Brand increased average yield as seeding rate increased, except DKC70-25 Brand. 
  • Refuge corn products tested in this demonstration exhibited acceptable average yields according to expected potential yield. 




  • For this demonstration, refuge corn products generally produced higher yields at higher seeding rates. Seeding rates should be adjusted according to the production environment.
  • Refuge corn product characteristics, yield potential, and agronomic practices are considerations when selecting refuge corn products.
  • Contact your DEKALB® brand seed representative for questions about specific corn products and refuge requirements.



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