Seeds of Knowledge

Benefits of Scouting Fields

Scouting fields before planting corn can inform which management practices are needed. Discover the benefits of identifying weeds present, population and growth stage.

Application of Starter Fertilizers in Corn

Starter fertilizers help mitigate slower or suboptimal growth rates, decreased mineralization in soil and a lack of nutrient mobility common in cool, wet soils.

Cotton Variety Response to Plant Growth Regulators

2011-2020 analysis of Deltapine® cotton variety response to plant growth regulators at the Bayer Learning Center in Scott, Mississippi.

Benefits and Management of Crop Rotation

From increased nutrient efficiency to reduced soil erosion, discover the benefits of crop rotation.

Standability, Yield Potential and Seeding Rate

Evaluation of the yield potential and standability of DEKALB® brand corn products to seeding rate.

Early Burndown Herbicide Applications

Get answers to your questions on early burndown herbicide applications, including its benefits and limitations.



Earn More on Every Acre

When you plant high-performing seed, you expect more. With Bayer PLUS Rewards, you own the rewards and how you use them, giving you more ways to earn. It’s more than just a rewards program.



Real Time Field Insights

Visualize your field data and monitor your progress in real time with digital maps as you move through your fields throughout the season and even when you're not in the cab.



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