Now is the time to ensure everything you set into motion during planting is prospering. Use these midseason management tools to guide your decision-making to help secure a successful harvest.

Seeds of Knowledge

Sidedress and Pre-Tassel Nitrogen Application in Corn

Sidedressing is used to provide corn (Zeamays) with nitrogen (N) closer to when plant need and its utilization is at peak.

Assessing Corn and Soybean Stands

Early assessment of corn and soybean stands can help identify potential crop concerns early in the season.

Corn Disease Calendar

An overview of corn diseases throughout the season.

Conducting Tissue Testing In Corn

Tissue testing of actively grown corn plants during the growing season is a tool along with soil testing to help develop a fertility program.

Plant-Rhizobia Relationship

Nitrogen is one of the most critical components in crop production. Approximately 80% of the air is nitrogen gas, but it is not in a form that plants can use.

Tar Spot: Symptoms and Mangement

Tar spot is a fungal disease in corn caused by Phyllachora maydis. The disease causes black specs to form on the leaves.

Real-time field insights

Visualize your field data and monitor your progress in real-time with digital maps as you move through your fields throughout the season and even when you're not in the cab.


The Christensens have been growing 100% DEKALB corn for the last decade. And with the support of the Climate FieldView™ platform, they are able to receive real-time data that influences the way they operate to ensure a successful season.

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