Harvest Management Practices

Yield and storage loss prevention, post-harvest practices and maintenance tips-
 a few factors that can make for a successful harvest if managed correctly.

Seeds of Knowledge

Harvesting Lodged and Down Corn

Stalk lodging and down corn can complicate harvest and lead to yield loss and storage issues. Effective harvest management can help minimize loss.

Identifying the Cause of Post-Harvest Ear Diseases

The presence of ear rot and kernel moisture content can reduce yield potential. Strategies can help minimize crop stress and reduce the potential for ear rot development.

The Benefits of Soybean Seed Treatments

Soybean seed treatment products can help to reduce disease infections and protect seeds from insects, which can ultimately result in increased return on investment.

Combine Adjustments and Maintenance for Harvest

Combines need to be properly equipped for harvest. Adjustments and maintenance are important to minimize harvest losses and deliver a high-quality grain crop.


Measuring Corn Maturity, Drydown Rates and Test Weight

Grain moisture content is a key factor in determining corn maturity rating, grain drydown rate and test weight. Estimate the physiological maturity rating to safely harvest with minimal loss.  

Cotton Regrowth Management

Favorable growing conditions after cutout can lead to undesirable regrowth in cotton. Harvest aid applications can help prevent this regrowth.


Real Time Field Insights

Visualize your field data and monitor your progress in real time with digital maps as you move through your fields throughout the season and even when you're not in the cab.

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