Selecting the Right Product for 2020

It’s a busy time of year for farmers. Not only are you harvesting crops but you’re also finalizing decisions on seed selection for the 2020 season. When you’re thinking about next year, it’s important to take a look back at the challenges you faced this season and make purchasing decisions that will help you overcome those challenges. 

Listen below as DEKALB and Asgrow Technical Agronomist Sue Eivins Brakhane and Brownfield Ag News discuss the importance of learning from last season's challenges and some considerations farmers should make when finalizing seed selection decisions for next year.

Learning From Past Seasons

Prior to making purchasing decisions, be sure to evaluate all the various aspects of your operation over this past season — there are insights to be learned that can lead to better results next season. Here are some questions to consider during this evaluation process: 

  • What was your disease pressure like this year? 

  • When looking at your management style, are you a high fertilizer? Are you someone who likes to perform a full soil test? 

  • What are your tillage practices like? Are you using different tilling methods on plots with different soil types? 

Asking yourself questions like these can provide valuable information and help you make seed purchasing decisions that can help you overcome last season’s challenges.  

The Value of Local Yield Data

Take the time to look through local yield data. Doing this can give you important insights into varieties that are high performers in your area — but be wary of making a purchasing decision based on the results of one plot. Instead, look at your area as a whole. Usually, your best options are the “stable steady” varieties. These might not be record-breaking varieties, but they maintain a high yield and are often the second or third best performer across several plots and the broader market area — giving you more consistent results.  

Looking Ahead

To help you achieve the best possible results and high yields for next season, DEKALB and Asgrow are proud to offer 28 new varieties for the 2020 season. DEKALB and Asgrow Technical Agronomist Sue Eivins Brakhane on the quality of these new products: “We have some fantastic help in the 2020 lineup. These products feature exclusive genetics that have industry-leading trait technologies with very strong agronomics for high yield potential.” 

Find the right DEKALB® and Asgrow® seed for your operation here.

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