The Introduction of New Soybean Products

A new growing season means new opportunities. A chance to set new yield goals — and surpass them. As farmers, you know that a successful season starts with choosing the right seed. That’s where Asgrow comes in. Each year, Asgrow works to develop new soybean products with increasing success.

Soybean Development

Developing, testing and releasing new soybean products each year is an arduous process. At Bayer, development begins with a vast germplasm pool. Breeders then use analytics and digital tools for advanced gene insertion when it comes to biotech traits. This process enables their breeders to develop exclusive genetic and trait combinations to make products that are the best agronomic fit for specific conditions farmers will face. 

Once new products have been developed, they’re then put through extensive field testing. This allows the breeders to better understand how products perform in specific conditions and allows them to be matched to the regional conditions and soil types farmers grow in. 

Listen below as Bayer Soybean Germplasm and Development Lead Wes Hays speaks with Brownfield Ag Network about the breeding process for Asgrow® Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans.

Improving Disease Resistance

Lately, the product development team has been focused on improving the disease resistance of future Asgrow® products. By increasing the tolerance of specific diseases within the germplasm pool and genetics of the plant, the development team is able to increase disease resistance to things like Phytophthora root rot, white mold and IDC. The team has even been able to segment disease resistance geographically, working to increase disease tolerance that region-specific varieties are likely to encounter.

Aiming for Top Performance

In addition to improved disease resistance, the product development team is searching for ways to improve product performance. Wes Hays, Bayer soybean germplasm and development lead, on what that process looks like: 

“We're looking at how we can improve the way our products perform not only in the high-yield environments but even in those challenging environments and specifically picking products to fit different situations farmers might be in.”

By focusing on developing products to fit different growing conditions farmers might have, Asgrow hopes to develop products that perform anywhere — even the most challenging environments.

Herbicide Tolerance

The last component of developing new Asgrow® products is the herbicide trait technology. The Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® platform allows farmers to use the herbicide tools they need to control even the toughest weeds.

Find the right DEKALB® or Asgrow® seed for your operation here.

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