Using Data Analytics to Make Key Management Decisions

Farmers are no stranger when it comes to having to make decisions throughout the year. And decision-making doesn’t stop once harvest comes around. In fact, farmers are already deciding on what to grow next year, what variety they think will work best against the unpredictable weather, and how much of it they should grow. Luckily, they don’t have to make those choices alone.

The Climate FieldView™ Platform

Some of the most asked questions technical agronomists receive from their farmers aren’t about how the crop is developed, but how to utilize that product. How does that product perform on different soil types? What’s the right population to plant it at? What’s the right rate of nitrogen to use on it? And that’s where the Climate FieldView™ platform comes into play.

Field Trials

Every year, margins are growing tighter, and it’s becoming even more important to be able to identify specific parts of the fields where farmers can go for top-end yields and create additional margins with a higher production.

The Climate FieldView™ platform is able to identify those areas, so you are able to adapt your goals and input and choose the best variety for that area. It’s also able to call out any problem areas you may have on your operation, so you’re able to adapt your goals and input before the season.  

And when you need to be reminded how a specific variety performed in a specific area of your field, the data from previous years is stored all in one place.

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Listen below as DEKALB Technical Agronomist Lance Tarochione talks about the benefits the Climate FieldView platform brought to farmers’ field trials this season.

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