Yield Response of Dekalb® Corn Products



  • Every season, new corn products are introduced into the marketplace.

  • This field demonstration was conducted to evaluate the adaptation and yield potential of existing and new DEKALB® corn products in the production system at the Scott Learning Center in Scott, Mississippi.



Location Scott, MS Planting Date 4/3/19
Soil Type Commerce silt loam Harvest Date 8/19/19
Previous Crop Cotton
Potential Yield
Tillage Type Conventional
Seeding Rate
  • Fourteen DEKALB® corn brands were planted in single-row plots with 38-inch row spacing at 37,500 seeds/acre in a bedded planting system:
    • DKC 62-08
    • DKC 62-53
    • DKC 64-35
    • DKC 65-95
    • DKC 65-99
    • DKC 66-18
    • DKC 66-75
    • DKC 67-44
    • DKC 67-72
    • DKC 67-99
    • DKC 68-26
    • DKC 68-69
    • DKC 69-26
    • DKC 70-27
  • All weed control, insect control, and irrigation inputs were applied per local standards.
  • 240 lb actual nitrogen was soil applied as 32% UAN in liquid form using knife application.
  • Strip plots were 12 rows x 500 feet long; 6 rows were harvested for yield.
  • Seedling emergence/establishment during 2019 was over 90%.



  • In 2019, corn yields were near the long-term averages, which are typically 250+ bu/acre.
  • Several of the planted products appeared to be very well adapted for the high-input, irrigated corn production systems of the deep south.
  • Little lodging was observed in 2019 but it could be an issue with taller, more erect corn products.  For that reason, this data should mainly be used as an indication of yield potential and population determinations for each field made on a site/product-specific basis.




  • Growers should carefully evaluate each product planted for both yield response and standability.  
  • Breeding efforts continue to focus on developing locally adapted corn products to serve the needs of southern corn producers.
  • Please consult your local Bayer sales representative for further information.



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