Yield Response of Soybean Products to Seeding Rate and Planting Date

​Trial Objective

  • In recent years there has been more interest in planting soybeans earlier in the planting season.
  • The objective of this experiment was to evaluate the yield response of different maturity group soybean products across different seeding rates and planting dates.

Research Site Details

  • Asgrow® soybean products and maturity groups (MG) planted in this trial:
    • — AG49X6 brand, MG 4
    • — AG56X8 brand, MG 5
    • — AG64X8 brand, MG 6
    • — AG74X8 brand, MG 7
  • There were two different planting date categories, mid-May (PD1) and mid-June (PD2).
  • Soybean products were planted at 80,000, 110,000, and 140,000 seeds/acre across locations and planting dates.
  • Plots were single strip trials that were approximately 0.5 acres.
  • Data was collected using Climate FieldView™, and all agronomic practices were per local standards.

Understanding the Results

  • Results from this study are consistent with previous data showing that soybean yield potential is greater when soybeans are planted earlier. This year’s data showed, on average, as much as a 14 bu/acre yield advantage when soybeans were planted in mid-May vs. mid-June (Figure 3).
  • In terms of seeding rate, when soybeans were planted in mid-May the 80,000 seeds/acre rate yielded the same or better than the higher seeding rates. In mid-June, the 110,000 seeds/acre rate yielded better.
  • AG49X6 and AG56X8 brands had a much higher yield potential when planted in mid-May compared to AG64X8 and AG74X8 brands. Yield potential was similar across all products when soybeans were planted in mid-June.

What Does This Mean for Your Farm?

  • Earlier planting dates for this trial had a higher yield potential than later planting dates.
  • This trial showed that fewer seeds per acre are needed when soybeans are planted earlier.
  • Consider testing different seeding rates on your own farm. Too many seeds per acre may actually reduce yield potential.
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