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Asgrow Leads the Way

The right soybean can push your yield potential further. 
Asgrow® brand soybeans offer advanced genetics and weed control flexibility to help maximize ROI. 

Catch ‘the Next Bushel’

When every bushel counts, the best bushel is the next one. Join Clint Chaffer as he meets with expert agronomists, researchers and breeders who are doing everything they can to help you hunt it down.


Emergence & Seed Treatments

Set your target, then smash it. Asgrow brand soybeans are bred to tackle harsh conditions from the beginning. And with the added protection of seed treatments like Acceleron®, your goals this season are within reach.

The Line Forms Here

Stay out in front with Asgrow brand soybeans. Featuring 100% exclusive genetics
and leading agronomic expertise to elevate your performance every season.

Drive Out Weeds

Drive profitability and manage tough-to-control weeds with the combined performance of Asgrow brand soybeans and XtendFlex® Technology.

Some Follow & Others Lead

When it comes to triple-stacked soybeans, the results don’t lie. In Bayer germplasm trials, top-performing Asgrow® XtendFlex® soybean products had a 4.5 Bu/A advantage vs. Pioneer® brand Enlist E3® soybeans.* Time after time, trust Asgrow brand to lead the way.

Added Protection, Added Yield

Minimize risk and maximize performance with the innovative trait technology, digital tools and comprehensive localized agronomic advice offered by Asgrow.

The Tools for Success

Success relies on having the right tools for the job. Elevate your performance with tools and resources developed by Asgrow.

Why Asgrow

Asgrow has led the way for more than 40 years, helping farmers get consistent performance through seed innovations and high-yield practices.

Success Stories

Real farmers share their stories of triumph.

Terry Novak

The consistent performance of Asgrow soybeans helps farmer Terry Novak of northeast Nebraska perform through heavy rains and cool temperatures without sacrificing yield.

Todd Hanten

Todd Hanten of eastern South Dakota loves farming. He started at 15 with dairy cattle, where he discovered his love of animals. Then he moved to raising corn and soybeans, where he discovered the reward of harvesting a bountiful crop.

Jack Scott

Jack Scott farms the same land in the Red River Valley of North Dakota that his great-grandfather homesteaded in 1880. The kid in him still likes the equipment, while the adult in him takes great pride in carrying on the family legacy.

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