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Asgrow Leads the Way

The right seed can push your yield potential further than before. Asgrow® leads the way by helping you maximize performance on every acre.

Stay Out in Front

For over 40 years, Asgrow has been committed to helping farmers get the most out of their soybean fields. With 100% exclusive genetics and tailored, integrated solutions, you'll see consistent performance potential acre after acre, season after season.

Agronomy Week 2020: Contest Closed

Agronomy Week 2020 has come to an end, but the season is only beginning. Check out our agronomic information to help guide you through the rest of the year to make sure you have the most successful season possible.

*NoPurchNec. Ends 4/10. Open to certain residents of U.S. and Canada 18+. Full rules, eligibility, restrictions, and details here.

Quote from Asgrow® farmer Adam Graham about Asgrow® soybeans

Farmers Trust Asgrow

Margins. Weed control. Confidence. Asgrow helps farmers grow them all. Hear their success stories and see how our innovative breeding and technology help push their performance year in and year out.

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