Asgrow Performance

Reach Your Season Goals

When it comes to a soybean’s ability to perform, you know you can trust in the expertise of Asgrow® brand.
With soybeans bred to get ahead of planting challenges, Asgrow leads the way in performance potential.


When you need soybean seeds that can emerge no matter the conditions, you need Asgrow brand soybeans. Asgrow brand varieties emerge consistently and vigorously, tackling harsh conditions right from the beginning.

Seed Treatments

Protect the superior performance potential of Asgrow brand soybeans’ exclusive genetics with early seed treatments. Acceleron® Standard offers protection against pests and diseases to ensure your soybeans reach their full potential.

Lead the Way in Yield

 The Asgrow Yield Contest recognizes the farmers leading the way in performance and yield.
See the award-winning results Asgrow farmers achieve, year after year. 

See Local Performance

Get local yield results to see how products are performing in your area.


One Year in the Life of an American Grower

As we head into planting season, we wanted to share part two of "A Farmer's Journey," where you can see Jerry Seuntjen's corn and soy operation during planting season. See how technology and Asgrow brand soybeans can help you get more out of your field. 

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‘The Next Bushel’ Is Out There

Watch the docuseries testing the limits of soybean yields as they chase down “The Next Bushel.”

Local Teams with Local Expertise

Our local teams can provide you with unmatched agronomic support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about the Asgrow Yield Contest.

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