Asgrow Performance

Every. Last. Stinking. Bushel.

When it comes to a soybean’s ability to perform, you know you can trust in the expertise of Asgrow® brand.
With soybeans bred to get ahead of harvest hardships, Asgrow leads the way in performance potential.


Asgrow is constantly pushing yield in the search for the next bushel. This ambition has led to varieties bred with the genetic potential for more beans in more pods on more plants for more yields.


With a combination of stem quality and root strength, Asgrow brand soybean varieties stand tall. Stronger plants mean reduced instances of lodging — and increased potential for profits.

Lead the Way

The Asgrow Yield Contest recognizes the farmers leading the way in performance and yield.
See the award-winning results Asgrow growers achieve, year after year. 

See Local Performance

Get local yield results to see how products are performing in your area.

The Search for “the Next Bushel”

“The Next Bushel” docuseries follows Asgrow brand manager Clint Chaffer as he travels the country to meet with farmers, agronomists, researchers and more who are working to maximize soybean yields.

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