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Yield to the Winners

It’s time for this year’s Asgrow Yield Contest. And as usual, there’s a lot more than bragging rights on the line. Winning performances will get the recognition they deserve, plus exclusive prizes.



2020 Asgrow Yield Contest Winners

See the previous winners, regions and products that achieved award-winning yields.


Kevin & Dale Bahr Belmont WI AG26X0 108.2
Secondino Agri  Management Paris IL AG36X6 113.0
Brett  Wellhausen Clarinda IA AG39X9 83.3
Ben Amerin Plains KS AG37X9 97.6
Paul Kalis Wells MN AG22X9 100.0
Jimmy Frederick Rulo NE AG36X6 139.8
Jonah Neill Waterford OH AG43X0 101.3
Jon Langenberg Norfolk NE AG26X0 109.0
Marshall Landis Schoolcraft MI AG32X0 91.1
Rod Grunloh Princeton IL AG26X8 106.0
Kevin Hayden Mayfield KY AG48X9 112.0
Jeremy Beuligmann Poseyville IN AG36X6 108.0
Jamie Allen Washington NC AG46X8 91.3
Calvin Young Clinton SC AG48X9 69.3
Dennis & Jeff Pinch Rosendale WI AG20X9 91.9
Alexander  Leefers Carlinville IL AG34X6 105.7
Robert  Barkley Cumberland IA AG29X9 80.1
Paul, Ian & Zach Vincent Long Island KS AG31X9 60.5
Mike Hoernemann Winsted MN AG17X8 95.4
Marvin & Glenn  Wiles Plattsmouth NE AG39X7 94.7
Steve  Finton Coshocton OH AG33X8 90.3
Nick Svoboda Pender NE AG29X9 107.0
Anthony Hertzfeld Waterville MI AG23X8 87.0
Jason Jaggers Wyanet IL AG26X8 104.0
Jordan Hancock Fulton KY AG48X9 112.0
Thomas Roach Hertford NC AG47X9 91.3
Casey Westergard Ireton IA AG25X9 102.3
Hunt Bros Granville IA AG20X9 96.5
Matt Melberg Hector MN AG11X8 86.0
Ryan Vos Slayton MN AG21XF0 70.0



The Best Bushel Is the Next Bushel


There’s always one more to be done, to be earned, to be found. The next bushel may be in genetics or in the next generation. Wherever it is, we’ll find it. Then we’ll find the next one.






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