Asgrow® Brand Soybeans with XtendFlex® Technology

The Next Big Thing Is Here

Drive Out Weeds. Drive Up Profitability.


Drive profitability and manage tough-to-control weeds with the combined performance of Asgrow® brand soybeans and XtendFlex® Technology – the industry’s first triple-stacked soybean trait containing tolerance to dicamba, glyphosate and glufosinate.



Performance that Yields Confidence.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced a new 5-year registration for XtendiMax® herbicide with VaporGrip® Technology, an important weed-control tool for many U.S. growers. The performance potential of Asgrow brand’s exclusive genetics, the flexibility of XtendFlex technology and the confidence of XtendiMax herbicide will help the industry take a step forward.





Featured 2021 Asgrow XtendFlex Soybean Products

DP 2044 B3XF

Asgrow® AG13XF0 brand is an early maturity group 1 XtendFlex® soybean with good standability and resistance to soybean cyst nematode (SCN).

DP 2044 B3XF

Asgrow® AG21XF0 brand is an early maturity group 2 XtendFlex® soybean that combines high yield potential with an excellent agronomic trait package.

DP 2044 B3XF

Asgrow® AG26XF1 brand is a mid-maturity group 2 XtendFlex® soybean with high yield potential and a set of agronomic traits for broad adaptability and yield protection.

DP 2044 B3XF

Asgrow® AG35XF1 brand is a mid-maturity group 3 XtendFlex® soybean with excellent yield potential. This widely adapted product has agronomic and disease tolerance traits to maximize productivity.

DP 2044 B3XF

Asgrow® AG38XF1 brand is a late maturity group 3 soybean with high yield potential and strong agronomic traits. This XtendFlex® soybean has a history of strong performance across a range of production environments.

DP 2044 B3XF

Asgrow® AG48XF0 brand is a late maturity group 4 soybean with excellent yield potential and a broad disease package, including resistance to SCN and tolerance to important diseases.



Leading Performance and Flexibility

To prepare for the 2021 launch, Asgrow XtendFlex products have been tested in expansive, nationwide field trials so farmers and dealers can learn and experience the latest technology. Hear what our Stewarded Farmers have to say.





"Having Good, Clean fields makes harvest easier, more profitable and less stressful" farmer quote
"The biggest benefit of asgrow brand soybeans with xtendflex technology is versatility" farmer quote





Ask your dealer how much further you can grow when Asgrow leads the way.

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