Protect Your Seed

Safeguard your seed investment with the Acceleron® portfolio in the early stages of growth so that your Asgrow® soybeans can rise stronger and be ready for whatever the season throws at them.

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Rise Stronger With One Simple Decision

Choosing to protect your Asgrow® soybeans and your yield with the Acceleron® portfolio can deliver protection from diseases, insects, nematodes, as well as moisture or nutrient stress. Rise stronger with more coverage.

Coverage On Four Fronts

Asgrow® protection against fungicide with Acceleron®

Protect your soybeans and your bottom line with an exclusive combination of fungicides including Fusarium, Pythium, early season Phytophthora and Rhizoctonia solani.

Asgrow® insect insecticide protection

Control nine early season insects — including bean leaf beetles, early season soybean aphids and seedcorn maggots — that can cause significant damage to soybean crops.

Asgrow® nematicide protection

Nematodes cost an estimated 10.6% yield loss in soybeans.* Help combat and control a wide range of these yield robbers, including soybean cyst nematodes.

Asgrow® protection against bioenhancers with Acceleron®

Help your soybean plants more easily access moisture or nutrients, protecting against stress and protecting your bottom line.


*Nationwide estimated loss. Ferris, Howard. "Nematodes and Plant Damage." University of California, 1 Oct. 2015. Web.

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