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Spray confidently with the Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System and increase the performance of your Asgrow® soybeans.

Minimize Weeds and Maximize Yields

The Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System is an advanced weed management system designed to help maximize weed control and yield potential. By combining innovative trait technologies and herbicide options, the Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System provides a broad spectrum of weed control that can be counted on year after year.

Innovative Trait Technology

Asgrow® XtendFlex® soybeans are the newest soybean trait technology offering triple tolerance to glyphosate, dicamba and glufosinate herbicides. Asgrow XtendFlex soybeans are built on the same high-yielding germplasm as Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans.

Powerful Weed Control

XtendiMax® herbicide with VaporGrip® Technology can provide a step-change reduction in volatility potential compared to dicamba formulations currently on the market today that can help you control glyphosate-resistant and tough-to-control weeds in your Asgrow® Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans.

Farmers Trust the System

Illinois farmer Brian Prest relies on Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans on his farm and trusts the Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System to deliver top performance.

Quote from Asgrow® farmer Brian Prest
Asgrow® farmer Brian Prest quote about best genetics

See Local Yield Results

Information is performance power. Take a look around and see what yield data in your area can tell you.

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24 Locations | Bayer Systems | Third-Party Trials | University Trials

Source: 2017 Monsanto Systems Trials (24 locations in 2017 reporting yield data). Significant at P < 0.05 LSD of 1.6 Bu. Data as of November 9, 2017. Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System data = Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans treated in with dicamba, glyphosate and various residual herbicides. LibertyLink® system data = LibertyLink® soybeans treated with  Liberty® herbicide and various residual herbicides. Individual results may vary, and performance may vary from location to location and from year to year. This result may not be an indicator of results you may obtain as local growing, soil and weather conditions may vary. Growers should evaluate data from multiple locations and years.

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