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A History of Success

A Future of Performance

For over a century, DEKALB® brand has created a legacy of incredible innovations and established a
history of unmatched performance potential in the field.

Show Off Your Success

When you perform at your best, you deserve recognition. Celebrate your yields by entering the 2021 NCGA National Corn Yield Contest.


Dependable Performance

DEKALB corn products offer 100% exclusive genetic diversity, innovative breeding and strong agronomics to maximize performance and success.

Yield. Feed. Succeed.

DEKALB silage products feature outstanding digestibility, nutritional quality and high tonnage potential to help maximize your herd’s productivity and improve performance potential.

Seed with the Potential for Higher Performance

Count on DEKALB grain sorghum for excellent standability, exceptional threshability and advanced staygreen characteristics.

Quality Alfalfa Crop

The DEKALB Roundup Ready® Alfalfa system protects your crops through superior weed control, allowing for higher-quality alfalfa and maximum yield potential.

Superior Control for Maximum Yield Potential

The DEKALB spring canola portfolio offers a full suite of products to meet the needs of canola growers.

Winning Has Roots


Whether you measure success in bushels per acre or strikeouts per game, winning is more than a goal. It’s a state of mind.


Protect What You Plant

DEKALB is committed to making sure you have the right products, the right traits and the right information to prepare for any possible risks to your yield.

Your Performance is Our Top Priority

DEKALB products provide farmers with high performance and strong yields season after season. Discover the many ways we can help you reach new levels of success.

Tools for Top Performance

Our digital toolbox supports your decisions from planting through harvest to help increase performance on every acre.



Our commitment to success pushes us to constantly innovate products and technology to maximize protection, production and yields. 
Explore what sets us apart and what’s in development for the future.


Stories of Success

Hear success stories from real growers from across the country.


Kevin Kalb

An eleven-time NCGA National Corn Yield Contest winner, Kevin Kalb of Dubois, Indiana, had five DEKALB products go over 350 bu/A last year. Hear more about his approach to consistent success.

Marvin Wiles

Farmer Marvin Wiles of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, discusses his operation and how the consistent performance of DEKALB products helped him win multiple NCGA Yield Contests.

Heath Cutrell

Heath Cutrell of Chesapeake, Virginia, is no stranger to performance. As a six-time NCGA National Corn Yield Contest winner, he's continually pushing his yields to go higher — and DEKALB to go further.





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DEKALB® farmer quote from Drew Haines about DEKALB® corn
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