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A History of Success.

A Future of Performance.

For over a century, DEKALB® brand has created a legacy of incredible innovation and established a history of unmatched performance potential in the field.

DEKALB® farmer looking out at corn field during late season

Grow With Confidence

A history of success starts with consistency and yield. With exclusive genetics and digitally enabled whole-farm solutions, DEKALB® brand corn can help you enhance profitability and realize a future of performance.

quote from DEKALB® NCGA yield contest winner Drew Haines
DEKALB® farmer quote from Drew Haines about DEKALB® corn

Farmers Trust DEKALB

Great results. Better stories. Year in and year out, DEKALB farmers face challenges and reap rewards on their farms. Hear their stories as they push yields further with the help of innovative breeding and technology.

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