DEKALB Performance


DEKALB® brand corn offers the genetics, traits and tools needed to drive success during harvest.
Take on any challenge by combining your determination with the unmatched performance potential of DEKALB corn.


Less time spent in the field means fewer chances for crop damage. With DEKALB brand corn hybrids, kernels dry down faster for an earlier harvest and spend less time in the grain bin.

Test Weight

When it comes to corn kernels, size matters. Get more out of your bushels with DEKALB brand corn hybrids bred with the genetic potential for higher test weight.

Show Off Your Success

The National Corn Growers Association’s National Corn Yield Contest
is where the best get tested. And every year, farmers who plant DEKALB achieve success.  

See Performance in Your Area

Our Local Yield Results tool will show you how our corn products perform near you.


Be the First to Know

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Success Stories

Hear from growers across the country who found success with DEKALB.

Winning Has Rewards

With Bayer PLUS Rewards, eligible DEKALB brand purchases get you more than unmatched performance — they can also get you cash rewards. 

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