DEKALB Performance


DEKALB® brand corn offers the genetics, traits and tools needed to drive success during planting.
Take on any challenge by combining your determination with the unmatched performance potential of DEKALB brand corn.

Stand Establishment

DEKALB brand corn hybrids are bred to establish healthy roots and a strong stand, giving plants the strong start they need to overcome stressful early-season conditions.

In-Crop Management

You want your fertilizer to bring nutrients to your crops — not weeds. Traited with SmartStax® to help provide maximum weed management flexibility, DEKALB brand corn hybrids make the most of your nitrogen applications.

Set Up For Success

The National Corn Growers Association's National Corn Yield Contest brings out the best of the best.
And every year, farmers who plant DEKALB achieve success.


See Performance in Your Area

Our Local Yield Results tool will show you how our corn products perform near you.



One Year in the Life of an American Grower

As we head into planting season, we wanted to share part two of "A Farmer's Journey," where you can see a DEKALB farmer in action during planting season. See how technology and DEKALB brand can help you get the most out of your season. 

Stay Informed with DEKALB Brand

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The Secrets to Success

Farmers across the country share how they found success with DEKALB brand corn.

Winning Has Rewards

With Bayer PLUS Rewards, eligible DEKALB brand purchases get you more than unmatched performance — they can also get you cash rewards. 

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