NCGA Yield Contest

High yields. High marks. DEKALB farmers walk tall. 


You work hard all season long. Now reap the rewards. With DEKALB® products in your field, you will see a level of performance that might put you in the winner’s circle during harvest season. Walk tall and see how your yield measures by entering the 2019 National Corn Growers Association Yield Contest.

2018 DEKALB® NCGA Yield Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2018 National Corn Growers Association Yield Contest. 

DEKALB® NCGA Contest 164 winners overall
DEKALB® NCGA Contest 9 out of 18 national winners
DEKALB® NCGA Contest Nationally Ranked
DEKALB® NCGA Contest 155 State Winners
DEKALB® NCGA Contest Infographic 32 State Winners With 300+ bu/A
DEKALB® 2018 NCGA Yield Contest Winners Infographic
National Winners 2018
Winner City State Rank Division Brand Yield
Heath Cutrell Chesapeake
VA 1 A DKC65-20 Brand 360.8030
George Cutrell Chesapeake
VA 2 A DKC67-44 Brand 324.8530
Kevin Kalb Dubois IN 1 B DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 388.0654
Jerry Reinhart Sadorus IL 2 B DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend 345.6367
Nikia B. Kalb Dubois IN 3 B DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 343.2296
Drew Haines Middletown MD 1 C DKC60-88RIB Brand Blend 366.2872
Bruce K. Huber Berlin ND 2 C DKC44-15RIB Brand Blend 299.7807
Shawn Kalb Dubois IN 1 D DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 343.0037
Brad Wehr Dubois IN 3 D DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 331.1153
Regional Winners 2018

Winner City State Rank Division Brand Yield
John Aeschliman
Colfax WA 1 C DKC27-55RIB Brand Blend 160.2512
Bill Alfree
Middletown DE 3 A DKC62-53RIB Brand Blend 197.8017
Ben Amerin Plains KS 2 I DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 306.9588
Edward Appenzeller Millington
MD 2 A DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 235.5863
Glen Apple
Sandborn IN 3 I DKC65-20RIB Brand Blend 328.0985
Edna Ashcraft Qulin MO 1 I DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 313.6795
Dale Ashcraft
Qulin MO 2 I DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 298.8491
Kenneth Barnes
Union City
TN 2 C DKC64-35 Brand 291.8819
Jeremy Barnes
Union City
TN 3 A DKC64-35 Brand 270.3325
Matthew Beam Elverson PA 2 C DKC62-53RIB Brand Blend 291.6556
John Bevel Albertville AL 2 C DKC64-35 Brand 280.7677
Brennen Bird
Elk Point SD 3 I DKC60-69RIB Brand Blend 285.5676
Charles Bowie
Colonial Beach VA 3 C DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 261.8955
Nathan Braun
Le Sueur MN 3 E DKC53-56RIB Brand Blend 241.6274
Daniel Brooks
Coldwater MS 1 A DKC67-44 Brand 270.3190
Kent Cartrite Sunray TX 2 I DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 346.9714
Nolan Clark
Mer Rouge LA 3 I DKC70-27 Brand 266.0523
Boe Clausen
Warden WA 3 I DKC54-38RIB Brand Blend 337.3720
Shawn Clausen
Warden WA 2 E DKC54-38RIB Brand Blend 310.6826
Scott Clucas Califon NJ 2 A DKC62-52RIB Brand Blend 259.1212
Harris Cohen
Ellington CT 1 A DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend 252.0673
Sanford Cohen
Ellington CT 1 C DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend 249.1838
Ethan Cone
Jennings FL 2 I DKC62-08 Brand 255.0054
Dusty Cone Jennings FL 3 I DKC62-08 Brand 246.4889
Gary Cone
Jennings FL 1 E DKC62-08 Brand 274.2059
Adrian Cox
Trenton MO 1 B DKC64-35RIB Brand Blend 318.9499
Will Curtis
Troy AL 1 E DKC65-20 Brand 330.3338
Heath Cutrell
VA 1 A DKC65-20 Brand 360.8030
George Cutrell
Chesapeake VA 1 A DKC67-44 Brand 324.8530
Mike Dee
Aliceville AL 3 I DKC67-44 Brand 252.5140
Karl Dirks
Elizabethtown PA 1 E DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 280.8259
Kyle Dixon
Fulton KY 1 E DKC65-95RIB Brand Blend 276.5713
Donnie Edwards
Allensville KY 3 C DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 288.8305
Randy Eschenburg Almont MI 1 A DKC44-15RIB Brand Blend 294.5830
Henry Everman
Dansville NY 1 A DKC63-60RIB Brand Blend 273.0603
Alvin Ferguson Allenton MI 2 C DKC52-61RIB Brand Blend 273.9042
Lauren Foutch
Okmulgee OK 1 A DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 237.3828
James Frauenberg LaMoure
ND 1 E DKC45-66RIB Brand Blend 285.2071
Cody Frauenberg LaMoure ND 2 E DKC45-66RIB Brand Blend 270.8759
Donna Frauenberg LaMoure ND 3 I DKC45-66RIB Brand Blend 269.6317
Amy Frauenberg LaMoure ND 2 C DKC45-66RIB Brand Blend 255.1330
Bobby Frauenberg LaMoure ND 1 I DKC47-27RIB Brand Blend 289.6371
Travis Freeburg
Pine Bluffs
WY 1 I DKC39-28RIB Brand Blend 258.2249
Phillip Friedrich Green Valley
IL 1 I DKC64-35 Brand 313.1814
Paul Gangwish Shelton NE 3 E DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 319.9398
Byron Gearhart Chillicothe OH 1 I DKC67-57RIB Brand Blend 299.8064
Pat Giberson Pemberton NJ 1 C DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend 296.2000
Guy Gochenour Woodstock VA 1 C DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 281.9796
Tom Goetz Owensboro KY 3 A DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 292.8543
Phillip Good
Macon MS 3 C DKC62-05 Brand 244.3795
Ken Goodrich
Moses Lake
WA 1 I DKC52-84RIB Brand Blend 348.2845
Brian Graff Dalhart TX 3 E DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend 292.0877
Bill Graff
Dalhart TX 2 E DKC66-74RIB Brand Blend 294.2283
Jeffrey Grembowicz West Rutland VT 1 C DKC45-66RIB Brand Blend 225.4879
Theodore Grembowicz North Clarendon VT 1 A DKC45-66RIB Brand Blend 203.9278
Scott Gross
Warden WA 2 I DKC49-72RIB Brand Blend 344.2163
Darren Grumbine Lebanon PA 1 C DKC62-53RIB Brand Blend 291.7258
Randy Haars
Geneseo IL 2 D DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend 315.5371
Drew Haines Middletown MD 1 C DKC60-88RIB Brand Blend 366.2872
Randy & Mark Hardy
Roanoke IN 3 E DKC62-52 Brand 287.2611
Carla Hargrave
Sarona WI 1 E DKC54-38RIB Brand Blend 273.5311
Kevin Hayden Mayfield KY 2 C DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 283.2032
Roger Hendrix
Bement IL 3 B DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend 320.1699
James Hilton
Norridgewock ME 3 A DKC41-99RIB Brand Blend 212.2693
James Hitchcock Tennille GA 2 E DKC62-06 Brand 268.6085
Jonathan Hitchcock Tennille GA 2 I DKC62-08 Brand 275.4163
Jessie Hobbs Elkmont AL 3 C DKC65-20RIB Brand Blend 279.4465
J Howard Hobbs
Elkmont AL 3 E DKC65-20RIB Brand Blend 298.7209
John Hofer
Milnor ND 3 A DKC49-72RIB Brand Blend 289.4955
Julie Hooper Brownsville TN 2 I DKC67-44 Brand 312.0266
Hunter Hooper Brownsville TN 1 I DKC70-27 Brand 318.4341
Steve Huber Berlin ND 1 A DKC44-15RIB Brand Blend 299.7842
Betty Huber
Berlin   ND 2 A DKC44-15RIB Brand Blend 298.5539
Bruce Huber
Berlin ND 1 C DKC44-15RIB Brand Blend 299.7807
Russell Hudson Frankford DE 2 A DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 200.5340
Sherry Hudson Frankford DE 2 C DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 196.9186
Jennie Hull Chillicothe OH 2 I DKC67-57RIB Brand Blend 246.1169
Nicole Hults Gooding ID 3 I DKC52-61RIB Brand Blend 316.7903
Kay Hults
Gooding ID 3 E DKC54-38RIB Brand Blend 290.0884
Brandon Hunt Oak Grove
KY 3 I DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 288.4629
Thomas Jameson Orangeburg SC 3 E DKC65-20 Brand 285.3788
Jamie Jordan
Centre AL 1 E DKC62-08 Brand 273.8138
Kevin Kalb Dubois IN 1 B DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 388.0654
Nikia Kalb
Dubois IN 2 B DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 343.2296
Shawn Kalb
Dubois IN 1 D DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 343.0037
Jerry Knott Owensboro KY 1 I DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 316.4763
Ronnie Landis Schoolcraft MI 2 E DKC59-50RIB Brand Blend 284.3003
Marshall Landis
Schoolcraft MI 1 E DKC59-50RIB Brand Blend 288.8702
Jeff Laskowski Plover WI 1 I DKC58-06 Brand 294.1441
Joe McIlroy Piffard NY 2 C DKC49-72RIB Brand Blend 256.6694
Andrew Mcllroy
Pavilion NY 1 C DKC56-03RIB Brand Blend 261.3775
Michael Meats
Le Roy
KS 3 C DKC64-35RIB Brand Blend 279.1779
Brad Mezera
Bagley WI 2 D DKC60-88 Brand 282.5024
Travis Michl Newton IL 3 D DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend 302.7104
Darren Miller
Billings MT 3 I DKC45-65RIB Brand Blend 223.8729
Chris Miltenberger Keyser WV 2 A DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 222.4340
Harbert Moore
Red Springs
NC 1 I DKC62-08 Brand 290.9002
Luther Moore
Maxton NC 2 I DKC62-08 Brand 284.0036
Seth More
Aliceville AL 2 I DKC67-44 Brand 272.7500
Lance Nimmo New Castle
PA 3 C DKC62-05 Brand 285.5774
Sarah Nipper
Chatham MS 3 A DKC68-26 Brand 238.4932
Alex Noll Winchester KS 2 A DKC66-74RIB Brand Blend 284.2518
Traci Noll
Winchester KS 2 C DKC66-75RIB Brand Blend 287.9034
Gary Ockels
Milton DE 1 E DKC62-53RIB Brand Blend 286.7530
Bart Pali
Brigham City
UT 2 I DKC52-61RIB Brand Blend 333.8084
Teresa Pali Brigham City
UT 3 I DKC52-61RIB Brand Blend 333.1903
Cody Pali
Brigham City
UT 1 A DKC54-38RIB Brand Blend 136.6233
Albert Peterson
Loretto KY 3 C DKC64-32 Brand 278.3476
Kole Phillips
Taft TN 2 E DKC64-35 Brand 286.9096
Caroline Pinto
West Rutland
VT 1 I
DKC45-66RIB Brand Blend 200.8360
Jerry Reinhart
Sadorus IL 1 B DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend 345.6367
Lucas Richard
Newton NC 2 E DKC67-44 Brand 273.7859
Matt Santini
Phillipsburg NJ 2 I DKC64-87RIB Brand Blend 261.0169
Mark Schroeder Elgin MN 2 B DKC54-38RIB Brand Blend 293.1608
Scott Schroeder
Elgin MN 3 B DKC55-84RIB Brand Blend 277.0561
Katharine Senft Pavilion NY 3 A DKC52-84RIB Brand Blend 260.4932
Scott Setniker Independence OR 3 I DKC39-27RIB Brand Blend 290.8154
Stanley Skeba Monroe Township
NJ 3 I DKC64-35RIB Brand Blend 252.5147
Jerry Smith
Dawsonville GA 2 A DKC62-08 Brand 253.1697
Kevin Smith
Shelbyville KY 1 C DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 293.7158
Janneke Sobeck Winona MN 3 D DKC58-06RIB Brand Blend 281.2338
Jenna Sobeck
Winona MN 1 E DKC60-87RIB Brand Blend 269.7691
Gary Sobeck
MN 1 D DKC62-20RIB Brand Blend 287.3706
Chris Sobeck
Winona MN 2 D DKC62-20RIB Brand Blend 284.9326
Chad Sowerby
Greenville MI 3 I DKC52-68RIB Brand Blend 289.5381
Kory Standy
Platte SD 1 I DKC62-97RIB Brand Blend 292.9403
Gerald Steffensmeier Howells NE 3 C DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend 284.3206
Eugene Steiger
Bloomington WI 1 D DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend 297.2032
Ryan Stephenson
Wakefield VA 2 C DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 280.7269
Ross Summers
Tremonton UT 2 E DKC49-73RIB Brand Blend 269.4728
Joseph Summers
Tremonton UT 3 E DKC52-68RIB Brand Blend 263.5763
Jason Swede
Pavilion NY 2 A DKC57-75RIB Brand Blend 260.7338
Gary Swede
Pavilion NY 3 C DKC57-75RIB Brand Blend 255.1344
Robert Swisher
Groton SD 2 C DKC46-36RIB Brand Blend 269.6842
Travis Swisher
Groton SD 1 C DKC46-79RIB Brand Blend 272.6600
Joe Taylor
Boardman OR 1 I DKC62-08RIB Brand Blend 315.6475
Terry Taylor
Rives TN 1 E DKC64-35 Brand 294.9086
Seth Taylor
TN 3 I DKC64-35 Brand 299.6918
Ryan Thelemann
Le Sueur
MN 2 E DKC62-08RIB Brand Blend 245.2397
Paul Tighe Homer NE 3 A DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 276.6178
Brant Voss
Dexter IA 1 B DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend 306.3420
Chuck Walsh Bement IL 2 B DKC63-21RIB Brand Blend 323.2441
Brad Wehr
Jasper IN 2 D DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 331.1153
Brett Wightman
VA 1 I DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 275.7693
Marvin & Glenn Wiles
Plattsmouth NE 1 C DKC66-74RIB Brand Blend 295.2706
William Willard
Poolesville MD 2 C DKC62-53RIB Brand Blend 276.2069
Marion Wilson
Centreville MD 1 I DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 292.0208
Taylor Wischmeier Brownstown IN 1 E DKC66-75RIB Brand Blend 297.7348
Keith Wood
Andrews NC 2 A DKC66-97 Brand 267.1332
Keith Woolverton
Pollard AR 1 C DKC65-95 Brand 212.9990
Drew Woolverton
Pollard AR 2 E DKC70-27 Brand 277.8870
James Wray Trumann AR 1 E DKC70-27 Brand 278.6068
Steve Yingling Bridgeville DE 1 I DKC62-53RIB Brand Blend 290.4390
Scott Young
Portland AR 2 I DKC70-27 Brand 274.7569
Scott Zoglmann Owensboro KY 2 A DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 294.6410
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