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You work hard all season long. Now reap the rewards. With DEKALB® products in your field, you will see a level of performance that might put you in the winner’s circle during harvest season. Walk tall and see how your yield measures by entering the 2020 National Corn Growers Association Yield Contest.

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The Perks of Winning

Hitting your yield numbers can take you far. All the way to Commodity Classic even. Check out how last year’s top performers enjoyed their VIP experience at the 2020 Commodity Classic.

2019 DEKALB NCGA Yield Contest Results

190 Winners Overall
8 National Winners
National Winners 2019
Winner City State Rank Division Brand Yield
Heath Cutrell Chesapeake VA 1 A DKC68-69 Brand 381.4666
Tim Appell Shullsburg WI 2 B DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend 322.2517
Drew Haines Middletown MD 1 C DKC68-69RIB Brand Blend 422.3521
Darren Charles Lancaster PA 3 C DKC62-52RIB Brand Blend 335.9360
Scott Clucas Califon NJ 2 E DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend 335.0296
Daryl L Alger Lebanon PA 3 E DKC62-53RIB Brand Blend 319.8425
Kevin Kalb Dubois IN 1 F DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 394.4922
Shawn Kalb Dubois IN 2 F DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 320.7389
Regional Winners 2019

Winner City State Rank Division Brand Yield
John Aeschliman
Colfax WA 1 C DKC27-55RIB Brand Blend 121.2181
J Aeschliman Colfax WA 3 A DKC27-54 Brand 119.9172
Zack Ahlberg Delta CO 2 I DKC54-36 Brand  288.5996
Bill Alfree Middletown DE 1 A DKC64-87RIB Brand Blend 287.7999
Daryl Alger Lebanon PA 1 E DKC62-53RIB Brand Blend 319.8425
Ben Amerin Plains KS 1 I DKC70-26RIB Brand Blend 297.828
Tim Appell Shullsburg WI 1 B DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend 322.2517
Edward Appenzeller Millington MD 2 E DKC62-53RIB Brand Blend 216.2933
Joel Armistead Adairville KY 3 H DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 274.1449
Delbert Armstrong Belhaven NC 2 A DKC67-44 Brand 279.1093
Richard Arneson Tulare SD 2 C DKC44-80RIB Brand Blend 217.4312
Stuart Askew Gates NC 3 E DKC67-44 Brand 226.386
Cory Atley Cedarville OH 1 B DKC63-57RIB Brand Blend 314.5543
Mark Bacon Hancock WI 2 H DKC52-68RIB Brand Blend 268.9666
Jeff Baker Pender NE 2 C DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 284.5344
Kenneth Barnes Union City TN 3 E DKC68-69-Brand 285.8345
Bruce Bartz Denton MD 1 H DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 318.6973
Adron Belk Greenwood MS 1 I DKC70-27 Brand 282.7108
Betsy Belk Greenwood MS 2 I DKC70-27 Brand 281.5139
Craig Bishop Marianna FL 2 H DKC70-26 Brand 263.7315
Isaac Boerema Pantego NC 1 C DKC67-44 Brand 307.285
Dennis Boerema Pantego NC 2 C DKC70-27 Brand 305.2941
Alan Borton Wilmington OH 3 B DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend 274.3304
David Brand Glasgow MO 2 B DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 287.5146
Paul Campbell Nichols NY 1 I DKC52-84RIB Brand Blend 258.5413
Eric Charles Lancaster PA 1 H DKC62-52RIB Brand Blend 323.1911
Darren Charles Lancaster PA 1 C DKC62-52RIB Brand Blend 335.936
Nolan Clark Mer Rouge LA 3 H DKC70-27 Brand 266.8565
Erle Clark Mer Rouge LA 2 E DKC62-05 Brand 245.8406
Shawn Clausen Warden WA 1 H DKC54-38RIB Brand Blend 319.0769
Scott Clucas Califon NJ 2 E DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend 335.0296
Harris Cohen Ellington CT 3 A DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend 243.5136
Gary Cone Jennings FL 1 G DKC62-08 Brand 260.1848
Ethan Cone Jennings FL 1 I DKC62-08 Brand 261.1257
Richard Cowger Twin Falls ID 3 I DKC49-72RIB Brand Blend 270.6647
Alvin Ferguson Allenton MI 2 C DKC52-61RIB Brand Blend 273.9042
Bryan Crites Avondale CO 1 I DKC63-07RIB Brand Blend 295.086
Heath Cutrell Chesapeake VA 1 A DKC68-69 Brand 381.4666
Mike Dee Aliceville AL 3 H DKC65-93 Brand 251.1329
David Denny Queen Anne MD 2 I DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 285.9148
Tom Derck Antwerp OH 3 I DKC55-53RIB Brand Blend 210.5527
Gordon Dietrich Graceville FL 3 H DKC62-08 Brand 257.1105
Karl Dirks Mount Joy PA 1 G DKC60-88RIB Brand Blend 304.7604
Clark Driskell Marshall MO 3 D DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 299.6184
Eric Eachus Mullica Hill NJ 2 H DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend 287.7902
Scott Ebelhar Loretto KY 3 G DKC64-32 Brand 283.6368
Brian Edler Valmeyer IL 3 I DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 264.757
Randy Eschenburg Almont MI 2 A DKC53-58RIB Brand Blend 298.3839
Henry Everman Dansville NY 2 A DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend 251.9882
Phillip Good Macon MS 3 C DKC62-05 Brand 244.3795
Justice Family Farms Daniels WV 1 C DKC65-20 Brand 273.2937
Jack Flowers Live Oak FL 2 I DKC62-08 Brand 219.9093
Dan Fohrman Dover MN 2 D DKC54-74RIB Brand Blend 264.7184
James Frauenberg LaMoure ND 1 G DKC47-27RIB Brand Blend 291.7449
Cody Frauenberg LaMoure ND 2 G DKC51-40RIB Brand Blend 275.0772
Donna Frauenberg LaMoure ND 1 H DKC45-66RIB Brand Blend 283.3963
Bobby Frauenberg LaMoure ND 1 I DKC44-80RIB Brand Blend 290.1933
Amy Frauenberg LaMoure ND 1 C DKC44-80RIB Brand Blend 281.8601
Timmy French Woodstock VA 2 C DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 295.7821
Phil Friedrich Green Valley IL 1 I DKC64-34 Brand 314.9936
Daniel Garrick Jr. Cope SC 3 H DKC65-20 Brand 289.1287
Daniel Garrick Sr. Cope SC 2 G DKC65-20 Brand 294.62
Guy Gochenour Woodstock VA 1 C DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 306.323
Philip Good Macon MS 3 G DKC67-44 Brand 231.9467
Christian Good Macon MS 1 H DKC67-44 Brand 250.5179
Charles Granthan Raleigh NC 3 G DKC65-95 Brand 290.4626
Theodore Grembowicz North Claredon VT 1 A DKC34-82RIB Brand Blend 155.9524
Jeffrey Grembowicz West Rutland VT 1 E DKC34-82RIB Brand Blend 160.5339
Scott Gross Warden WA 2 I DKC49-72RIB Brand Blend 323.0273
Theo Haberland Somerset VA 3 A DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 271.8982
Ted Haberland Somerset VA 2 A DKC65-95RIB Brand Blend 288.6141
Drew Haines Middletown MD 1 C DKC68-69RIB Brand Blend 422.3521
Jordan Hancock Fulton   KY 3 C DKC62-08 Brand 298.0571
Michael Harrison Woodbine MD 2 A DKC64-35RIB Brand Blend 287.6881
David Heublein Lewiston MN 1 F DKC54-38RIB Brand Blend 281.2691
Jason Hewett Beaufort SC 2 E DKC70-27 Brand 257.3633
Charles Hinkebein Chaffee MO 1 H DKC68-69RIB Brand Blend 280.3367
James Hitchcock Tennille GA 3 H DKC62-08RIB Brand Blend 298.0135
Jessie Hobbs Elkmont AL 3 E DKC65-20 Brand 203.4669
J Howard Hobbs Elkmont AL 2 H DKC64-69 Brand 276.4776
Hunter Hooper Brownsville TN 1 H DKC70-27 Brand 327.7063
Steve Huber Berlin ND 1 E DKC45-66RIB Brand Blend 299.8962
Bruce Huber Berlin ND 2 E DKC45-66RIB Brand Blend 299.6103
Betty Huber Berlin ND 1 A DKC44-80RIB Brand Blend 299.7363
Robert Huber Edgeley ND 3 E DKC45-66RIB Brand Blend 299.0847
Sarah Huber Edgeley ND 2 A DKC44-15RIB Brand Blend 297.6772
Russell Hudson Frankford DE 3 A DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 226.37
Sherry Hudson Frankford DE 3 C DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 225.3234
Nicole Hults Gooding ID 2 H DKC49-73RIB Brand Blend 259.5873
Kay Hults Wendell ID 2 I DKC52-61RIB Brand Blend 279.6567
David Hults Gooding ID 3 H DKC54-38RIB Brand Blend 246.7062
Jake Hunt Bowling Green KY 1 C DKC65-95RIB Brand Blend 319.8948
Jacob Isley Palmyra MI 3 E DKC55-85RIB Brand Blend 244.9262
Don Jackson Camden OH 2 F DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend 290.0481
Russ Jameson Orangeburg SC 1 H DKC70-27 Brand 306.3421
Robert Jensen Neola IA 3 D DKC63-57RIB Brand Blend 289.1602
Alan Johnston Galva IL 3 F DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend 282.3176
Riley Jordahl Berlin ND 3 A DKC41-00RIB Brand Blend 282.3272
Shawn Kalb Dubois IN 2 F DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 320.7389
Kevin Kalb Dubois IN 1 F DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 394.4922
Todd Kimbrell Jr Itasca TX 1 A DKC67-99 Brand 233.2711
Jerry Knott Owensboro KY 1 E DKC65-95RIB Brand Blend 293.6306
Jeff Koelzer Onaga KS 1 C DKC66-75RIB Brand Blend 284.0911
Byron Kramer Bethune CO 2 C DKC64-89RIB Brand Blend 160.4208
Jason Kramer Bethune CO 1 C DKC64-89RIB Brand Blend 163.9114
Ronnie Landis Schoolcraft MI 1 G DKC58-83RIB Brand Blend 284.1403
Marshall Landis Schoolcraft MI 1 H DKC56-45RIB Brand Blend 286.828
Evan Landis Three Rivers MI 3 H DKC62-52RIB Brand Blend 273.2382
Drew Langley Glendale KY 1 G DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 316.8435
William Layton Vienna MD 3 G DKC62-53RIB Brand Blend 258.9412
Gayla Ledbetter Okmulgee OK 1 E DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 247.8519
Jason Levan Elgin MN 2 D DKC54-36 Brand 282.1492
Joe Mahar Frankford MO 2 F DKC64-35RIB Brand Blend 290.7814
Garrett Masat Redfield SD 3 C DKC50-09RIB Brand Blend 215.8333
Stewart McGill Meridianville AL 1 G DKC67-44 Brand 304.9586
Tory Meyr Jackson MO 2 I DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 294.0232
Chris Miltenberger Keyser WV 1 A DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 309.8227
Paul Miltenberger Keyser WV 2 C DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 270.2873
Louis Miltenberger Keyser WV 2 I DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 259.9291
Margaret Miltenberger Keyser WV 1 E DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 246.9109
Jesse More Aliceville AL 1 G DKC66-94 Brand 250.3285
Seth More Aliceville AL 2 A DKC66-94 Brand 247.8412
Clay More Aliceville AL 2 G DKC67-44 Brand 194.7482
Garry Nipper Chatham MS 3 I DKC68-26RIB Brand Blend 255.8224
Alex Noll Winchester KS 2 E DKC66-74RIB Brand Blend 281.5971
Gary Ockels Milton DE 1 G DKC64-35RIB Brand Blend 320.1008
Bart Pali Brigham City UT 1 I DKC52-61RIB Brand Blend 299.273
Cody Pali Brigham City UT 2 I DKC52-61RIB Brand Blend 295.1556
Teresa Pali Brigham City UT 3 I DKC54-38RIB Brand Blend 288.0378
Nathan Quandt Oakes ND 3 G DKC44-80RIB Brand Blend 240.7578
Eric Reed Elora TN 1 A DKC67-44 Brand 315.0644
Madison Reed Elora TN 1 A DKC67-44 Brand 328.8126
Shane Richman Edinburg VA 3 C DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 266.7424
Brad Rill Hampstead MD 2 C DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 311.083
Galen Samuelson Wakefield NE 1 E DKC63-57 Brand 270.2316
Matt Scharl Lawrence MI 3 C DKC48-57RIB Brand Blend 256.4368
Danny Schexnayder Erwinville LA 2 C DKC67-44 Brand 195.2256
Doug Seaman Vincent OH 3 D DKC58-34RIB Brand Blend 277.9998
Jason Sheubrooks Sudlersville MD 1 I DKC62-53RIB Brand Blend 296.1923
Jeremy Silsby Gasport NY 1 A DKC53-56RIB Brand Blend 254.6496
Terry Smith Paragould AR 3 I DKC70-27 Brand 267.8308
Clay Smith Paragould AR 2 H DKC70-27 Brand 250.3482
Brad Smith Milledgeville IL 2 F DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend 296.1999
Gary Sobeck Winona MN 3 F DKC62-20RIB Brand Blend 272.8987
Chris Sobeck Winona MN 1 D DKC62-20RIB Brand Blend 286.2056
Jenna Sobeck Winona MN 2 G DKC62-20RIB Brand Blend 271.1289
Deanna Sobeck Winona MN 1 H DKC62-20RIB Brand Blend 254.479
Janneke Sobeck Winona MN 1 B DKC62-20RIB Brand Blend 284.5355
David Sparks Owensboro KY 2 C DKC68-69RIB Brand Blend 298.396
Mark Sparks Owensboro KY 1 A DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 299.1495
Kary Standy Platte SD 2 I DKC63-21RIB Brand Blend 239.3388
James Steffens Lexington MO 3 F DKC62-08RIB Brand Blend 278.8726
Jeff Stuck Marcellus MI 2 G DKC54-40RIB Brand Blend 245.3468
Ross Summers Tremonton UT 1 H DKC52-68RIB Brand Blend 246.7562
Lynn Summers Tremonton UT 2 H DKC49-72RIB Brand Blend 227.6897
Luke Swain Xenia OH 1 D DKC64-34 Brand
Jason Swede Pavilion NY 2 E DKC52-84RIB Brand Blend
Gary Swede Pavilion NY 3 E DKC57-75RIB Brand Blend
Brenda Tanner Union City TN 1 E DKC68-69 Brand
Ethan Tanner Union City TN 3 C DKC70-27 Brand
Jeff Tate Meridianville AL 3 G DKC64-35 Brand
Miranda Taylor Boardman OR 3 H DKC62-08 Brand 280.2973
Curtis Tidey Berrien Center MI 3 G DKC53-58RIB Brand Blend
Paul Tighe Homer NE 2 E DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend
Brian Tull Seaford DE 1 I DKC65-95RIB Brand Blend
Jeremy Tuttle Prosser WA 2 H DKC62-06 Brand 315.932
Lori VanBogaert Belmont WI 1 D DKC60-88RIB Brand Blend
Kyle VanBogaert Belmont WI 3 D DKC62-20RIB Brand Blend
Greg Waters West Lafayette OH 2 I DKC64-34RIB Brand Blend
Justin Watson Hardin MT 1 H DKC43-10RIB Brand Blend 234.1099
Ray Wells Morganfield KY 2 A DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 291.3856
Adam Wiese Flandreau SD 3 I DKC58-34RIB Brand Blend 219.3366
Marvin and Glenn Wiles Plattsmouth NE 1 C DKC60-88RIB Brand Blend
William Willard Poolesville MD 3 C DKC64-35RIB Brand Blend
B Wilson Smyrna DE 3 G DKC65-20RIB Brand Blend
Marion Wilson Centreville MD 1 G DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend
Jerry Wischmeier Brownstown IN 2 G DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend
Mike Wolfe Baltimore OH 1 F DKC64-35RIB Brand Blend
Ed Wood Andrews NC 3 C DKC63-57 Brand 283.9337
Drew Woolverton Pollard AR 1 H DKC68-69 Brand 273.0058
C Wyatt Harrington DE 1 H DKC62-53RIB Brand Blend 296.2839
Michael Young Clinton SC 1 G DKC62-08 Brand 305.8587
Scott Young Portland AR 2 I DKC70-27 Brand 283.3863
Scott Zoglmann Owensboro KY 1 E DKC67-44RIB Brand Blend 294.4808


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