Achieve award-winning results with DEKALB® brand sorghum products.

The NSP Sorghum Yield Contest is now open

Will this be your championship season?

Big yields. Big rewards.

The nation’s top sorghum producers are going head-to-head to see who gets crowned the champion. Leverage the high yield potential of DEKALB brand sorghum and you could be on the road to victory. Farmer entries are due before October 15, 2022. 


Plant with the sorghum that stands alone. DEKALB brand sorghum offers outstanding standability to stand up to harsh winds and staygreen characteristics to stand against drought. Maximize potential by planting DEKALB.

The NCGA National Yield Contest is now open

Year after year, you’ll find DEKALB brand corn farmers at the top of the competition. Will you take your rightful place among them? Farmer entries are due before August 17, 2022.

The Secrets to Success

No two paths to success are paved the same. Experience the success stories of other DEKALB farmers, and get ready to forge your own.

Get Season-Long Support

Reach your goals with season-long agronomic support from expert agronomists. Our performance resources can help guide you through the unique challenges that arise throughout the year. Be prepared for anything with DEKALB brand.

Local Yield Results

Use our Local Yield Results tool to find the best-performing products in your area.

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