Proven Performance and Unmatched Innovation

The DEKALB® brand takes pride in bringing you the best product choices for your farm to deliver higher yield potential across your operation. 

DEKALB® seed bag

Choose The Seed That Works As Hard As You Do

All DEKALB® products — from corn to sorghum — are bred with one thing in mind: your performance. Every product we offer includes our leading biotechnology, diverse global germplasm and exclusive genetics, along with strong agronomic support all season long.

We offer a wide selection of high-quality and high-performing products in order to account for a range of environments and growing conditions. It’s all this, our agronomic support and more that allow you to grow with confidence. 

DEKALB® corn field at late season

Featuring exclusive genetics, our corn products have proven themselves season after season to be strong performers.

DEKALB® cattle eating silage feed
DEKALB® Silage Products

Proven silage performance leads to improved milk production and higher-quality feed.

DEKALB® sorghum field
DEKALB® Grain Sorghum

DEKALB® grain sorghum products are designed to provide high-quality and high yield potential.

DEKALB® Products Canola
DEKALB® Roundup Ready® Spring Canola

Experience unsurpassed weed control through the power of both our spring canola genetics.

DEKALB® field yellow food grade
DEKALB® Yellow Food Grade Products

Expand your market opportunities by planting DEKALB® Yellow Food Grade products.

DEKALB® alfalfa plant
DEKALB® Roundup Ready® Alfalfa

Grow your yield potential and higher-quality alfalfa with Roundup Ready® Alfalfa.


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