Bred to Protect

With DEKALB® Disease Shield® technology, you can count on an unmatched level of defense against the five most yield-robbing corn diseases, allowing you to protect what you put in.

Shield Your Yield

DEKALB® Disease Shield® technology offers the broadest protection available against the top five yield-robbing corn diseases without sacrificing yield potential. 

Identify the Top Five Yield-Robbing Diseases

DEKALB® Disease Shield® technology works as hard as you do to deter damaging diseases like Goss’s wilt, northern corn leaf blight, gray leaf spot, anthracnose stalk rot and southern rust. Learn how to identify the symptoms of these five common corn diseases. 

Stronger Defense and Better Results

Protect what you put in and see a 67% average win rate and a 7.8 average bu/A advantage with DEKALB® Disease Shield® technology.

In 2016-2018, DEKALB® Disease Shield® products with both VT Double PRO® and SmartStax® technologies demonstrated very effective disease protection and achieved an average yield advantage of 7.8 bu/A in more than 21,600 trial plot comparisons with competitor corn products across the U.S.


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