Yellow Food Grade Corn

Meet the ever-growing demand for food corn processing with top-performing DEKALB® Yellow Food Grade products.

Take Advantage of the Demand for Food Corn Processing

Tap into additional market opportunities for your grain with DEKALB® Yellow Food Grade products. Like all DEKALB products, they’re developed to deliver the high yield potential and performance you’ve come to expect from our leading biotechnology, diverse global germplasm, strong agronomics and superior breeding program.​

Exclusive Genetic Diversity

DEKALB® Yellow Food Grade products feature the same 100% exclusive genetics found in every DEKALB corn product.

Bred to Perform

Built from a diverse global germplasm pool and bred to achieve high-yielding performance to maximize your operation’s ROI.

Strong Agronomics

Strong agronomics to help achieve maximum performance and profitability across your fields, no matter the soil or weather conditions.

Understanding Expectations

Farmers interested in growing DEKALB® Yellow Food Grade products should understand the expectations of food corn processors. Special considerations for producers include careful harvesting, drying, handling and storage of grain. Get all the information you need to meet all the specifications and best practices.

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