Quality Silage Products

We're constantly looking to innovate and develop superior silage products to help increase your milk production.

Yield. Feed. Succeed.

The DEKALB® silage-specific process delivers exclusive DEKALB genetics that enhance key traits and produce corn with improved digestibility, elevated nutritional quality and increased tonnage yield to help you maximize your herd’s productivity. Utilize DEKALB silage products to help you increase milk production with more milk per ton and more milk per acre.

Exclusive Genetics

Our 100% exclusive genetics provide enhanced disease tolerance and standability to help maximize tonnage. 

Performance Potential

Strong products with consistently high yield potential to produce maximum tonnage with more milk per ton and milk per acre.

High-Quality Feed

Quality with an emphasis on high-starch energy content and energy availability through improved cell wall digestibility.

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Quote from DEKALB® Master Agronomist Mark Hockel


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