Protect What You Plant

Peak performance comes from maximum protection. Learn how DEKALB® can help to safeguard your yield from all manners of threats — from weather to insects to diseases.



There is no shortage of threats throughout the growing season. And they can come from anywhere — bad weather, dangerous insects, yield-robbing diseases. All can negatively affect your performance come harvest time. DEKALB is committed to making sure you have the right products, the right traits and the right information to prepare for any possible risks to your yield.


Choose The Seed That Works As Hard As You Do

All DEKALB® products — from corn to sorghum — are bred with one thing in mind: your performance. Every product we offer includes our leading biotechnology, diverse global germplasm and 100% exclusive genetics, along with strong agronomic support all season long.

Protect against five yield-robbing diseases

DEKALB® Disease Shield® technology offers the broadest protection available from the top five yield-robbing diseases — Goss’s wilt, northern corn leaf blight, gray leaf spot, anthracnose stalk rot and southern rust — allowing you to maximize yield potential and protect what you put it.



The best way to minimize the risk of devastating crop damage is to help maximize control of corn rootworm below ground while protecting against above-ground pests. SmartStax® PRO Technology will provide three modes of action against corn rootworm for the strongest biotech defense available.

Broad Spectrum of Insect Control

Protect your roots now to protect your yield later. SmartStax® RIB Complete corn blend controls corn rootworm below ground and fights corn earworm and other insects above ground.


Avoid Yield Loss Due to Drought

DroughtGard® Hybrids can help you maximize the yield potential of your DEKALB® products in favorable conditions while managing drought-associated risks.



Coverage on four fronts

One easy decision gives you coverage on four fronts, so you can rise ready for whatever the corn growing season has in store. Get added protection for your DEKALB® crop with the Acceleron® portfolio.


The Perfect Match for Maximum Performance

Help maximize your performance with the exclusive genetics of DEKALB® brand corn paired with the all-new TriVolt herbicide. Featuring residual control up to 8 weeks, TriVolt herbicide helps keep fields clean in a variety of weather conditions.

Get An Edge Over Diseases

Delaro® fungicide helps you protect your yield potential with broad spectrum disease control and best-in-class dual mode of action residual. Plus, it helps improve plant health.


Get valuable support from your sales reps and technical agronomists.


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