Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions ELITE with Enhanced Disease Control seamlessly added to DEKALB brand corn.



Added Value With No Added Cost

 A history of success starts with one easy decision. DEKALB brand corn and Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions ELITE with Enhanced Disease Control protect your investment. Available today on more than 70% of DEKALB corn — at no additional cost — to help you realize a future of performance.

Corn with +70% overlay


OVER 70% 

corn field with $0 overlay

FOR $0

harvester with 3.7 overlay

3.7 Bu/A1




DEKALB Enhanced Disease Control Explained

Seed Treatment Demo | Treated Vs. Untreated

Our technical agronomist, Nicole Stecklein, discusses how to set expectations for seed treatments and how they can mean more protection, higher yield potential and zero hassle for your crop.

The Benefits of DEKALB Advanced Disease Control

Technical agronomist Jamie Long covers the benefits of the Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions ELITE with Enhanced Disease Control, now standard on a majority of DEKALB products.



Rise Stronger with Coverage on Four Fronts

When you plant DEKALB brand corn with Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions ELITE with Enhanced Disease Control, you get coverage on four fronts: fungicides, insecticides, nematodes and bio-enhancers.


Offering a 3.7 Bu/A advantage on average2 with enhanced early-season to midseason disease control due to the reduction of infections of soil-borne and seed-borne diseases caused by Fusarium, Rhizoctonia solani and Colletotrichum graminicola.


Controls over 15 corn insect pests and protects against damage from early-season pests, such as wireworm, seedcorn maggot, white grub, grape colaspis and black cutworm. New 2020 standard insecticide rate of 50 mg a.i./seed (500 rate) for products containing Clothianidin.3


Poncho® Votivo® Seed Treatment offers protection against damage from a wide range of nematode species.3


BioRise® Corn Offering4 is designed to increase functional root volume as well as water and nutrient uptake through enhanced mycorrhizal colonization.



Agronomic Advice

Protect your crops with the latest articles, tips and advice from trusted DEKALB agronomists.




Seed Treatments and Below-Ground Traits

The coverage provided by trait packages and the insecticide applied to the seed as a component of Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions work together to protect against a wide range of threats.



Managing Corn Diseases

Disease is the enemy of yield. Fight disease in your fields with a well-rounded disease management plan, from genetics to applications.




1 Reflects internal trials that have been conducted over the past four years with corn hybrids in side-by-side comparisons treated with and without Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions ELITE with Enhanced Disease Control.

2 Results from four years of internal trials comparing hybrids treated with and without Enhanced Disease Control. N=598.

3 Insecticide and nematicide offerings will vary by trait and class. Refer to the price card, bag tag or bag flap for details. Clothianidin at the 1.25 mg/seed rate is available on select products.

4 Class of 2016 and newer base genetics are treated with BioRise® 360 ST.




Protect What You Plant
Learn how DEKALB can safeguard your yield from all manners of threats. 

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