DEKALB® brand corn and Delaro® fungicide pair a history of success with dual modes of action to give you improved plant health and increased confidence.

Confidence Starts Here

Protect your yield potential with broad-spectrum disease control. Delaro® fungicide offers two heavy-hitting modes of action that can maximize control of corn diseases. Plus, it helps increase stress resistance and promotes photosynthesis for improved plant health. So your top-performing products and varieties will have the protection they need to help you achieve your personal best yields.

Outstanding broad-spectrum disease control

Delaro® fungicide is formulated with two heavy-hitting modes of action, together providing control of even the toughest diseases, such as anthracnose leaf blight, gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight, rust and tar spot.

Excellent dual modes of action residual

Unlike other corn and soybean fungicides, Delaro delivers long-lasting residual control from both its strobilurin and triazole components for extended performance. Plus, the dual modes of action from Delaro help ensure you’re not promoting further disease-resistance development.

Improved plant health

Delaro promotes healthy, dark green leaves for improved photosynthesis and increases plant stress resistance to utilize the full genetic potential and yield of your seed.

Find out more about how Delaro fungicide can help raise the bar on your DEKALB® corn yields.

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