Minimize Drought Stress

With DEKALB® DroughtGard® Hybrids, you can maximize yield potential in favorable conditions while managing drought-associated risks.

The Only Drought-tolerant Biotechnology Trait for Corn

At DEKALB, we understand that one of your biggest concerns as a farmer is the one factor we have the least control over: weather. 

Through the robust technology pipeline, the DEKALB® brand's research and development teams have delivered innovations that improve yields while using fewer inputs, including water. 


Maximize Yield Potential in Drought Conditions

The combination of germplasm, trait packages and agronomic practices leads to deeper, stronger roots to gather more nutrients from soil, allowing it to thrive better in drought conditions.

Increased Hydroefficiency

This drought-tolerant biotech trait can increase hydroefficiency under drought stress, which can result in increased kernel number and reduced frequency of barren plants. All of this provides the opportunity to reduce potential yield loss in an certain drought conditions as seen in on-farm trials throughout the region.

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