Optimize Your Planting

Find your best planting rate.

Every year, DEKALB performs planting rate trials across a wide array of environments. With the introduction of data analytics, we are now able to generate local recommendations to help you find the best planting rate by product. All aimed at helping you maximize your profit potential on every acre of your farm. 

Discover your rate and share it with your dealer so you can maximize your return opportunity on every acre.

Optimal Planting Rate Example

This chart is an example of the optimal planting rate for a corn product. The curve shows the profit potential returned at varying planting rates and the rate needed to help achieve the maximum profit for your yield goal.​

Results are estimates based on field testing conducted by Bayer Group in an effort to model optimized economic planting rates by yield environment by hybrid. Field testing is conducted across key corn growing regions in the U.S. following locally accepted commercial production practices. Data quality is assessed using statistical models for high accuracy of model fit. Results are reported by hybrid family and hybrids not listed indicate insufficient data currently available.​​


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