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Strong Cotton Across the Belt

Deltapine® cotton is created with your unique growing region in mind and put to the test under real growing conditions by growers like you. 

Strength. Tradition. Pride.

We believe investing in the future of cotton is the best way to secure it, and breeding the strongest cotton varieties promotes your strongest yields. It informs every detail.

The Next Generation of Strong Cotton

All varieties include Bollgard® 3 XtendFlex® technology, with three modes of action against bollworm and other cotton pests, as well as enhanced weed management flexibility.

The Four Pillars of Strong Cotton

Elite Genetics

Every Deltapine® variety is bred and tested locally for superior genetics, ensuring optimal yield performance in unique growing conditions across the Cotton Belt.

Learn Why Genetics Matters

Highest Yield Potential

Growers can count on industry-leading potential for more pounds per acre with both proven performers and new arrivals from the Class of 20. 

See What Your Can Expect

Advanced Insect & Weed Control

Deltapine® varieties feature the most effective technologies to protect their potential from the inside out.

See The System

Premium Fiber Quality

Since the Class of 08, the average fiber strength and length of Deltapine® cotton varieties have trended upward for improved profitability potential every season.

Explore Fiber Quality

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We believe your cotton-raising challenges deserve strong solutions. 

With local varieties bred to perform in fields, we’re committed to helping you meet specific challenges wherever you grow.

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