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Strong Cotton Across the Belt


Deltapine® cotton is created to succeed in your unique growing region. 
To ensure quality, each variety is put to the test under real growing conditions by growers like you

Keep Growing Strong

Deltapine® is the heavyweight of cotton. In 2019-2021 University OVT and on-farm/county trials, broad fit varieties from the Deltapine® Class of ’21 and ’22 had a 111 lbs/A advantage vs. the top 5 performing PhytoGen® W3FE varieties.* Further proof that strong cotton means great yield potential. 

*441 Comparisons 2019-2021 University OVT and On-Farm/County trials (VA, NC, SC, GA, AL, TN, MO, AR, MS, LA, South TX, East TX). All comparisons are head-to-head comparisons of 3 Deltapine® varieties (DP 2115 B3XF, DP 2127, DP 2239 B3XF) vs the top 5 performing PhytoGen® W3FE varieties (PHY 443 W3FE, PHY 400 W3FE, PHY 360 W3FE, PHY 332 W3FE, PHY 580 W3FE).

Put Strong In, Get Strong Out

At Deltapine, we believe your cotton-raising challenges deserve strong solutions. With local varieties bred to perform in specific regions, we’re committed to helping you meet challenges wherever you grow.

The Four Pillars of Strong Cotton

Deltapine Strong Cotton is built on four pillars of excellence and held to the highest standards.

Advanced Insect and Weed Control

Deltapine varieties feature the most effective technologies to protect potential from the inside out.

High Yield Potential

Growers can count on industry-leading potential for more pounds per acre with both proven performers and new arrivals from the Class of ’21.

Elite Genetics

Every Deltapine variety is bred and tested locally for outstanding genetics, ensuring optimal yield performance in unique growing conditions across the Cotton Belt.

Premium Fiber Quality

Since the Class of '08, the average fiber strength and length of Deltapine cotton varieties have trended upward for improved profitability potential every season.

Deltapine Traits

All Season Long, All Season Strong

For decades, the Deltapine® brand has continued to commercialize trait technology innovations that have led the entire cotton industry. Whether we are developing the strongest protection against tough-to-control weeds or the industry’s first biotech trait to provide season-long protection against tarnished plant bugs and thrips, it’s all part of our never-ending commitment to improve profitability for cotton growers.

Strength, Tradition & Pride

It informs every detail. Shapes every decision. Guides every generation. It’s called pride. And while we’re not the only source you’ll find in these parts, we are the strongest.

A Century of Innovation

For more than 100 years, Deltapine has invested in the future of cotton. Explore the innovations that have led to our strongest cotton yet.

The New Product Evaluator Program

The New Product Evaluator Program is a collaboration between Deltapine and cotton growers across the country. NPE growers test new variety candidates on their own operations, making sure every variety we offer is worthy of the Strong Cotton title.


Stories of Success

Hear success stories from real growers from across the country.


Michael Mills

North Carolina grower Michael Mills didn’t need trial and error to find the right cotton for his fields after seeing Deltapine cotton’s performance.

Austin Littleton

Missouri grower Austin Littleton and his brother, Justin, carry on their family farm's tradition of trusting the strong cotton of Deltapine.

Erich Schneider

In the Coastal Bend near Sinton, Texas, grower Erich Schneider depends on the resilience of Deltapine to battle tough growing conditions.

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