Deltapine Brand Pipeline

We're focused on delivering systems of products that work together in a complementary way to address​ the challenges growers face and can help maximize their total yield potential.

Research and Development to Meet Grower's Needs

Through biotechnology research, the cotton pipeline seeks to provide benefits to the grower through herbicide tolerance, insect protection and tolerance to environmental stress. Our breeding research in cotton strives to develop and deliver through yield, fiber quality and tolerance to environmental stress.​

No Current Developments




Next-Generation Dicamba Premix

Fourth-Generation Weed Control System

  • Could offer growers greater flexibility in an effective weed management system.


Warrant® Herbicide + Dicamba Premix

Next-Generation Roundup-Branded Formulation

Improved Dicamba Formulation Premix


Annual Germplasm Upgrades

Cotton Lygus Control

  • The Lygus bug damages cotton bolls and reduces a crop’s quality. This product will be the first to extend the spectrum of insect control to this pest.



See how what's in our pipeline becomes the next variety of Strong Cotton as it's bred, tested and grown to deliver on the ever-changing needs of cotton growers.

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