Premium Fiber Quality

Over a decade ago, the first Deltapine® New Product Evaluator test plot took root with the Class of 08, marking just the beginning of improved fiber quality. Today, Deltapine offers products with premium fiber quality to help our growers continue to prosper.

Strong Cotton. Getting Stronger.

Premium fiber quality is one of the Deltapine four pillars of excellence that help us deliver the strongest cotton for your region. Since the Class of 08, the average fiber strength and length of Deltapine® cotton varieties have trended upward for improved profitability potential every season — culminating in the introduction of Deltapine Select™ varieties, which offer the best yield and fiber quality potential in our portfolio.

The Journey to Improved Fiber Quality

All of Strong Cotton, including Deltapine Select™, starts with a seed that's bred, tested and grown to deliver the premium fiber quality and higher yield our growers depend on. Experience the journey from the very beginning with the Journey From Need to Seed.

A Closer Look at Better Fiber Quality
Lengthy Uniformity


Collectively 82.4% of fibers measure at a more uniform length, delivering a more consistent yield.

Fiber Strength


Individually, fibers grew stronger over time with a 4% increase over the course of 12 years.



Micronaire continues to move closer and closer to the market sweet spot, averaging 4.4 (pts) in 2018.

Fiber Length


The overall length of fibers shows a measurable increase from 1.12 in 2006 to 1.16 in 2018.


Deltapine® Strong Cotton is built on our four pillars of excellence to give growers like you the performance potential, support and piece of mind to overcome the everyday challenges of raising cotton. Fiber quality is only one of the pillars. 

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