Elevate Your Potential

Be prepared with the right protection to help your Deltapine® cotton varieties rise out of the ground strong, healthy and ready for whatever the season has in store.

Protect Your Seeds

The Acceleron® portfolio can deliver protection from unpredictable threats, including diseases, insects, nematodes, as well as moisture or nutrient stress.


Protect against damaging diseases including Rhizoctonia solani, Pythium, Fusarium and Thielaviopsis basicola with the exclusive combinations of fungicides available.


Don't let early season cotton insects feed on your yield potential. Protect your cotton against certain sucking insects — including thrips — that cause significant damage.


Control a wide range of nematodes, including root-knot and reniform nematodes, with the strongest nematode protection on the market that stays in the root zone for up to 75 days.


Make sure your cotton plants get the nutrients and moisture they need to grow strong with bio-enhancers that make nutrients available to plants, protecting your yield.

See how one decision can help your cotton grow even stronger and elevate your yield potential. 


Get valuable support from your sales reps and technical agronomists. 

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