Flexible Control and Proven Performance

Bollgard II® with Roundup Ready® Flex cotton varieties combine powerful insect and weed control in one seed.

Unrivaled Protection From Worm and Weed Pressures

Maximize your yield potential with the highest level of protection from worm damage relative to any other worm control options. Plus, get powerful weed control with tolerance to glyphosate. 

  • Can provide greater protection of first-position bolls, which are the greatest contributor to yield.

  • Consistent performance proven year after year.

  • Proven on 6 million acres across multiple environments in the cotton growing area.

Part of a Powerful Weed Management System

Bollgard II® with Roundup Ready® Flex cotton can extend the over-the-top application period of Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides from burndown to seven days before harvest. Plus, get proven broad-spectrum weed control against more grass and broadleaf weeds to reduce pressure on yield than competing systems.

Triple your protection against pests with Bollgard® 3 XtendFlex® cotton technology.

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