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Bollgard® 3 ThryvOn™ cotton with XtendFlex® Technology is the industry’s first cotton biotech trait.

Built-in Peace of Mind.

Bollgard® 3 ThryvOn™ cotton with XtendFlex® Technology1 contains the industry’s first cotton biotech trait to provide built-in protection against key tarnished plant bug and thrips species.* The trait technology can potentially reduce or eliminate the need for some insecticide applications  — providing more management flexibility.


Features and Benefits

Go into every season confident your cotton is protected with industry-leading trait technology.

Increased Protection for Cotton Plants:

ThryvOn™ Technology is the first trait in the industry to offer protection against tarnished plant bugs and thrips species.* Through built-in trait technology, ThryvOn Technology helps defend the whole plant from these yield-robbing insects.

Pest Control Stacked in Your Favor:

ThryvOn Technology is stacked with Bollgard 3 XtendFlex technology to provide a broad spectrum of insect protection, including protection against bollworm, tobacco budworm and other common worm pests.


More Weed Management Flexibility:

With tolerance to glyphosate, dicamba and glufosinate, Bollgard 3 ThryvOn cotton with XtendFlex Technology provides more options against tough-to-control and resistant weeds like Palmer amaranth, waterhemp and marestail.

1To learn availability of this product in your area, contact your local sales representative. 

*Scouting is critical to determine which and how many insecticide applications are recommended to avoid economic loss greater than pest management costs (i.e., when economic thresholds are met). Check with your local state extension university for the latest spraying recommendations.

ThryvOn™ Technology Variety Comparisons

Deltapine brand ambassador, Keylon Gholston, evaluates and compares Bollgard® 3 ThryvOn cotton with XtendFlex® Technology varieties in Mississippi. Learn more about the new trait technology, the Deltapine genetics carrying this new trait to market and what they can do for your operation.

See How the Huerkamps Found Success With Thryvon™.


Jack and Brandon Huerkamp from Macon, Mississippi, tested Bollgard® 3 ThryvOn™ cotton with XtendFlex® Technology varieties in 2021.
Follow their journey to see how this new trait technology worked for them.



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