Deltapine Performance

Plant on Your Terms, Not Mother Nature’s

Deltapine® brand cotton is bred and tested for strength, ensuring it can take on environmental challenges without compromising quality.
Grow with pride all season long with Deltapine brand.


Environmental factors play a critical role in cotton seedling emergence, crop health and yield. To improve opportunities for healthy stands, Deltapine brand cotton varieties are bred for strong emergence — even in unfavorable conditions.

Disease Tolerance

Early-season diseases can wreak havoc on young cotton plants. With varieties bred for resistance to nematodes, wilts and blight, Deltapine brand cotton seedlings have a better chance to grow strong from start to finish.

Early-Season Vigor

Establish higher yield potential even in harsh early-season conditions with Deltapine brand cotton. Our varieties deliver enhanced early vigor, giving you good stands and strong cotton at the get-go.

The New Product Evaluator Program

Deltapine brand cotton growers test all-new variety candidates on their own operations to determine the next class of strong cotton.
Meet some of the 200+ New Product Evaluator growers from across the country.

Why Deltapine

Pride for Generations

Deltapine brand has pursued performance and quality for more than 100 years. This is the legacy of strong cotton.

Compare Local Performance

See localized harvest results using our Local Yield Results tool.

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