Cotton Varieties for Your Region

At Deltapine, we believe your cotton raising challenges deserve strong solutions. With local varieties bred to perform in fields across the Cotton Belt, we're committed to helping you meet specific challenges wherever you grow.

Proven to Perform

See Deltapine® varieties specially selected to thrive in your region. With outstanding yields and fiber quality in every maturity group, these varieties offer strength you can lean on and performance you can count on.

Meet the Class of 20

After extensive evaluation, it’s been said that the Class of 20 is one of the strongest classes of Deltapine cotton yet. With outstanding yield and fiber quality potential, more disease tolerance than previous classes and adaptability across the Cotton Belt, we’re confident you’ll find a Class of 20 variety that’s right your fields. Learn more about the Class of 20 varieties tested and selected by growers like you.

A Wider Spectrum of Control

Discover the highest level of performance and control that comes from the Bollgard® 3 XtendFlex® technology. Exclusive to Deltapine, this advanced trait technology provides the highest level of performance and control by combining industry-leading weed control, elite germplasm and best-in-class insect protection. And with three modes of action, Bollgard® 3 XtendFlex® technology is expected to set a new standard in cotton pest protection.


Get valuable support from your sales reps and technical agronomists.


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