DP 1948 B3XF

Erratic rainfall can create challenging growing conditions in these regions. Having a strong variety that can stand up to the harsh, dryland conditions is a must.

Proven Performance in South Texas, the Rolling Plains and the Southern High Plains

DP 1948 B3XF was actually an NPE favorite in the 2017 NPE trials. When it didn’t get released as a new variety, NPE growers weren’t shy about letting us know that we missed an opportunity. So we put it back into testing in 2018 and sure enough, they were right. And we didn’t make the same mistake twice.

The DP 1948 B3XF Details


Maturity: M-F

Plant Height: M-T

Leaf Type: S

Seed Size: 4,750

Storm Resistance*: 4.5

Fusarium Wilt: Mod. Susc.

Lint %: 40.0%


Staple: 39.36

Micronaire: 4.1

Strength: 31.1 g/tex

Length Uniformity: 82.7%

Verticillium Wilt: Mod Susc.

Bacterial Blight: Mod Susc.

Deltapine® DP 1948 B3XF sign

NPE Findings and Field Notes

DP 1948 B3XF was put to the test as part of our New Product Evaluator (NPE) Program where growers like you evaluated the variety on large-acre plots under their own management systems and field conditions.

Deltapine® DP 1948 B3XF Early Season Tab
Deltapine® DP 1948 B3XF MidSeason Tab
Deltapine® DP 1948 B3XF Harvest Season Tab


After enduring our rigorous development process, including being field-tested by our New Product Evaluators, the Class of 19 has earned the right to be called Strong Cotton.

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