Elite Genetics

Every Deltapine variety is bred locally for superior genetics — ensuring optimal yield performance in unique growing conditions across the Cotton Belt.

XtendFlex trait technology provides tolerance to dicamba, glyphosate and glufosinate herbicides to help fight resistant and tough-to-control weeds.

Bollgard II trait technology offers two modes of control against cotton bollworm for proactive resistance management and reduced insecticide spraying.

Bollgard 3 trait technology is built on Bollgard II technology, evolving 30 years of R&D. With three modes of action, growers can expect unmatched control of fall and beet armyworm in addition to cotton bollworm.

Nematode-Resistant (NR) varieties combine high-yielding genetics with selective breeding for control of root-knot nematode populations, allowing for season-long protection and industry-leading yield potential.

Copeo® Seed Treatment allows your seed to start healthy and overcome early season nematodes. Available for upstream use in the 2023 growing season, Copeo provides early protection for cotton plants.

Advanced Insect & Weed Control

Deltapine varieties feature the most effective technologies to protect their potential from the inside out.

Premium Fiber Quality

Since the Class of 08, the average fiber strength and length of Deltapine® cotton varieties have trended upward for improved profitability potential every season — culminating in the introduction of Deltapine Select™ varieties, which offer the best yield and fiber quality potential in our portfolio.

Highest Yield Potential

With leading varieties like DP 1646 B2XF and DP 1725 B2XF — and the new Deltapine Class of 19 featuring Bollgard 3 technology — growers can count on industry-leading potential for more pounds per acre.