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Champions of Yield Experience from DEKALB®, Asgrow® and Deltapine® 


DEKALB, Asgrow and Deltapine brands offer exclusive genetics, whole-farm solutions and leading agronomic support to help ensure your profitability. Discover the latest products and technologies in corn, soybeans and cotton that help you perform all season long.





Land isn't the only thing you're passing down.

DEKALB farmers know the right mindset can take you far.
That’s true whether you measure success in bushels per acre
or strikeouts per game. Because winning has roots.





All DEKALB products are bred with one thing in mind: your performance. Every product we offer includes our leading biotechnology, diverse germplasm and exclusive genetics, along with strong agronomic support.
2021 Products
North Delta Corn

Technical agronomists Larry Gannann and Chet Chaney are at the Scott Learning Center to go through the DEKALB portfolio of corn products for 2021 in the North Delta region.

2021 Products
South Delta Corn

Technical agronomists Greg Ferguson and Scott Horton are taking a look at DEKALB corn products for the South Delta region.

DEKALB | Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions ELITE Disease Control

Protect Your DEKALB Investment


A history of success starts with one easy decision. DEKALB brand corn and Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions ELITE with Enhanced Disease Control protect your investment. Available today on more than 70% of DEKALB corn — at no additional cost — to help you realize a future of performance.







There’s always one more to be done. To be earned.
To be found. And we won’t stop until we find it.





Stay out in front of weeds. Stay out in front of the competition. Stay out in front with Asgrow soybeans. Top-performing yields start with top-performing genetics.

2021 Products
South Delta Soy — Group 4

Technical agronomists Greg Ferguson and Scott Horton are taking a look at the Group 4 Asgrow brand soybeans plot.

2021 Products
South Delta Soy — Group 5

Technical agronomist Scott Horton is taking a look at the Group 5 Asgrow brand soybeans product lineup.

Asgrow | XtendFlex

Drive Out Weeds. Drive Up Profitability.


Drive profitability and manage tough-to-control weeds with the combined performance of Asgrow brand soybeans and XtendFlex® Technology — the industry’s first triple-stacked soybean trait containing tolerance to dicamba, glyphosate and glufosinate.


Asgrow | XtendiMax

Performance That Yields Confidence


The Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System is an advanced weed management system designed to help maximize weed control and yield potential. Using XtendiMax® herbicide with VaporGrip® Technology can help manage glyphosate-resistant and tough-to-control weeds in  Asgrow soybeans.


Grown with Pride. Lived with Pride.


It informs every detail. Shapes every decision. Guides every generation.
It’s called pride.




Your cotton-raising challenges deserve strong solutions. With local varieties bred to perform in fields, Deltapine brand is committed to helping you meet specific challenges wherever you grow.
2021 Products
North Delta Cotton

Technical agronomist Chet Chaney is taking a look at the Deltapine cotton varieties for 2021 in the North Delta region.

2021 Products
South Delta Cotton

Technical agronomists Scott Horton and Greg Ferguson are taking a look at the 2021 Deltapine product lineup for the South Delta region.

Bollgard 3 XtendFlex Cotton

The Power of Three


Designed to provide the highest level of performance and control, Bollgard® 3 XtendFlex® cotton technology combines elite germplasm, best-in-class insect control and industry-leading weed control.



Be Rewarded Like One, Too


Bayer PLUS Rewards gives you a broad portfolio of crop protection products
to add to your DEKALB, Asgrow or Deltapine seed purchases. So incentives add up,
and every decision delivers money you can count on.




Introducing Your 2020 Champions of Yield
See the winners and products that achieved award-winning yields in the 2020 NCGA National Corn Yield Contest and the 2020 Asgrow Yield Contest.
Hunter Hooper TN 3 H DKC66-18 327.0317
Sam Santini NJ 1 A DKC70-27RIB 381.5595
Kevin Kalb IN 1 B DKC67-44RIB 385.4405
Shawn Kalb IN 1 D DKC64-35RIB 329.0569
Rhylan Kalb IN 2 B DKC67-44RIB 345.9045
Brad Wehr IN 1 F DKC65-95RIB 347.4597
Nikia Kalb IN 2 F DKC70-27RIB 323.7572
Charles Baxter WI 3 F DKC64-34RIB 323.4118
John Rigdon MD 3 E DKC65-95RIB 324.0153
Troy Uphoff IL 3 B DKC63-57RIB 323.7983
Abby Fohrman 2 MN F DKC61-40RIB 290.043
Adam Heimes 3 NE A DKC63-91RIB 279.65
Adron Belk 1 MS I DKC70-27 294.096
Alex Dunn 3 KS A DKC70-27RIB 273.374
Andrew McIlroy 1 NY E DKC55-54RIB 273.839
Bart Pali 1 UT I DKC52-61RIB 317.778
Ben Williams 1 VA C DKC64-35RIB 286.44
Ben Wilson 3 DE I DKC65-95RIB 222.706
Betsy Belk 2 MS I DKC70-27 288.071
Bill Alfree 1 DE A DKC64-87RIB 281.462
Billy French 2 VA C DKC64-34RIB 272.912
Bobby Frauenberg 1 ND G DKC44-80RIB 276.866
Boe Clausen 1 WA I DKC54-38RIB 316.099
Brad Kiefer 1 PA A DKC64-34RIB 298.083
Brad Smith 3 IL F DKC61-40RIB 298.529
Brad Wehr 1 IN F DKC65-95RIB 347.46
Braden Short 1 IL F DKC66-18RIB 321.745
Brenda Tanner 3 TN A DKC66-18 279.127
Brenton Hopkins 3 NE G DKC63-91RIB 305.193
Brett Wightman 1 VA I DKC70-27RIB 282.892
Brian Tull 1 MD H DKC63-91RIB 277.797
Bruce Bartz 2 MD G DKC62-53RIB 278.196
Bryan Crites 1 CO I DKC61-41RIB 303.382
Carl Atley 2 OH B DKC66-18RIB 305.538
Caroline Pinto 1 VT H DKC45-66RIB 215.444
Chad Rigdon 3 MD C DKC62-52RIB 286.417
Charles Baxter 1 WI F DKC64-34RIB 323.412
Charles Grantham 3 NC G DKC68-69 256.049
Chris Bodenhausen 2 KS I DKC66-18RIB 302.007
Christian Good 2 MS H DKC62-53RIB 262.672
Christopher  Warner 3 VA E DKC68-69 258.281
Clay Smith 3 AR G DKC67-44 245.756
Cody Frauenberg 1 ND I DKC42-05RIB 280.176
Cory Atley 1 OH B DKC63-91RIB 320.242
Dale Bahr 1 WI D DKC63-90RIB 310.568
Dan Fohrman 3 MN D DKC61-40RIB 290.751
Darren Armstrong 3 NC E DKC68-69 213.038
Darren Miller 2 MT H DKC45-65RIB 221.609
Darren Mosel 1 SD H DKC59-82RIB 303.047
Daryl Alger 1 PA E DKC64-35RIB 297.238
David Sparks 1 KY A DKC70-27RIB 309.316
David Wolfskill 2 PA C DKC64-34 282.126
Deanna Sobeck 1 MN H DKC62-20RIB 277.281
Delbert Armstrong 1 NC E DKC63-57 244.244
Dennis Boerema 3 NC C DKC63-57 256.605
Don Jackson 1 OH F DKC66-17RIB 319.403
Donald Schexnayder 3 LA E DKC65-93 233.02
Donald Waters 3 IA F DKC59-82RIB 289.16
Drew Haines 1 MD C DKC68-69RIB 324.185
Dusty Cone 1 FL G DKC62-08 261.802
Elwin Tanner 2 TN E DKC66-18 290.789
Emily  Landewee 3 MO F DKC64-35RIB 265.734
Eric Charles 1 PA H DKC62-52RIB 288.611
Ethan Cone 2 FL H DKC62-08 276.734
Ethan Tanner 1 TN E DKC66-18 296.707
G Wilson 2 DE C DKC62-53RIB 237.49
Gary Cone 1 FL I DKC62-08 262.514
Gary Ockels 1 DE G DKC63-91RIB 278.822
Gary Redalen 2 MN D DKC59-82RIB 290.875
Grace Wolpert 3 WV C DKC66-18RIB 220.324
Greg Rush 2 MO F DKC65-95RIB 267.101
Greg Waters 3 OH I DKC63-90RIB 276.485
Guy Gochenour 3 VA C DKC68-69RIB 271.009
Harrison Rigdon 2 MD C DKC64-35RIB 320.682
Heath Cutrell 2 NC A DKC65-99RIB 260.589
Henry Locklear 2 NC H DKC65-20 253.471
Hunter Hooper 1 TN H DKC66-18 327.032
J Clover 3 MI H DKC54-64RIB 284.905
J Howard Hobbs 2 AL I DKC65-20 285.794
James Frauenberg 1 ND H DKC45-66RIB 286.563
James Hitchcock 1 GA H DKC62-06 318.814
Jason Hewett 2 SC E DKC62-08 228.085
Jay Myers 1 ND E DKC51-40RIB 260.235
Jeff Koelzer 1 KS E DKC63-57RIB 323.688
Jeff Laskowski 2 WI I DKC62-08RIB 302.491
Jeff Tate 3 AL G DKC67-44 267.016
Jeffrey Grembowicz 1 VT E DKC45-66RIB 212.907
Jenna Sobeck 1 MN G DKC62-20RIB 273.547
Jerold Hasart 2 CO I DKC63-91RIB 293.005
Jerry & Keith Reinhart 3 IL B DKC61-40RIB 313.385
Jerry Wischmeier 2 IN G DKC66-18RIB 290.19
Jessie Hobbs 3 AL E DKC65-20RIB 272.811
Jim Daehler 2 IL H DKC64-35RIB 278.189
Jim Schaendorf 2 MI E DKC58-35RIB 283.45
Joe McIlroy 2 NY E DKC52-85RIB 272.413
John & Mark Mitchell 3 KY A DKC65-99RIB 278.399
John Aeschliman 1 WA C DKC27-54 104.426
John Rigdon 1 MD E DKC65-95RIB 324.015
Jon Everett 3 OH B DKC64-87RIB 284.774
Jonathan Hitchcock 1 GA I DKC62-06 324.287
Joni Jaeger 2 NE A DKC63-57RIB 288.347
Jordan J Redalen 1 MN F DKC59-82RIB 300.437
Joseph Stephenson 3 VA G DKC66-18 270.308
Karl Dirks 1 PA G DKC62-53RIB 294.083
Keith Wood 2 NC C DKC63-57 260.486
Kenneth Barnes 2 TN A DKC65-99 296.171
Kevin Hayden 1 KY C DKC65-95RIB 324.984
Kevin Kalb 1 IN B DKC67-44RIB 385.441
Kevin O'Bannon 1 MO F DKC67-44RIB 304.215
Kyle Henninger 2 PA E DKC61-40RIB 277.342
Kyle  Dixon 2 KY G DKC66-18RIB 279.894
Lane Miles 1 AR I DKC70-27 303.772
Lee Summers 3 UT H DKC49-72RIB 240.992
Lucas Richard 2 NC G DKC70-27 263.841
Lynn Summers 2 UT H DKC52-68RIB 250.584
Lynn Weitekamp 2 IL B DKC65-95RIB 320.523
Mark Collins 2 DE G DKC65-95RIB 257.293
Mark Sparks 2 KY E DKC70-27RIB 285.503
Marshall Landis 2 MI H DKC61-40RIB 289.529
Marvin and Glenn Wiles 2 NE C DKC70-27RIB 294.249
Matt & Gene Larsen 1 WI H DKC54-64RIB 276.795
Matt Miles 2 AR I DKC65-99 289.349
Matt Scharl 3 MI C DKC54-64RIB 260.357
Matthew Beam 1 PA C DKC59-82RIB 296.115
Michael Logue 2 CT A DKC59-82RIB 239.64
Michelle Doyle 2 NJ H DKC70-27 256.868
Mike Reagan 3 MO D DKC70-27RIB 303.385
Myron Johnson 3 AL H DKC62-08 277.26
Nathan Quandt 2 ND I DKC51-40RIB 248.898
Nikia Kalb 2 IN F DKC70-27RIB 323.757
Pat Fohrman 1 MN D DKC54-64RIB 297.732
Paul Campbell 2 NY I DKC52-84RIB 229.645
Paul Tighe 1 NE E DKC65-95RIB 277.483
Philip Good 1 MS G DKC62-53RIB 243.792
Phillip Friedrich 1 IL I DKC66-18 306.139
Ray Schexnayder 2 LA E DKC68-69 237.839
Rhylan Kalb 2 IN B DKC67-44RIB 345.905
Robert  Kiefer 2 PA A DKC62-52RIB 289.586
Roger Rush 3 KS C DKC66-18RIB 267.009
Ross Summers 1 UT H DKC51-92RIB 277.48
Russ Jameson 1 SC H DKC70-27 307.377
Ryan Swede 3 NY A DKC59-82RIB 277.831
Ryan  Horsley 2 VA A DKC70-27 233.501
Sam Mehringer 3 IN B DKC62-00RIB 314.976
Sam Santini 1 NJ A DKC70-27RIB 381.56
Scott Clucas 3 NJ E DKC62-52RIB 301.478
Scott Ebelhar 2 KY C DKC64-32 305.204
Seth More 3 MS H DKC68-69 260.935
Seth More 3 AL I DKC68-69 262.912
Seth Taylor 2 TN I DKC66-18 287.895
Shawn Clausen 1 WA G DKC49-72RIB 276.254
Shawn Kalb 1 IN D DKC64-35RIB 329.057
Steve Millage 1 CO C DKC57-99RIB 85.5
Steve Neill 2 OH D DKC59-82RIB 283.979
Steve Van Bogaert 3 WI D DKC63-91RIB 298.365
Terry Smith 2 AR G DKC65-99 266.107
Terry Taylor 1 TN G DKC66-18 280.874
Theodore Grembowicz 1 VT A DKC45-66RIB 210.441
Thomas Meyer 2 NJ C DKC64-87RIB 274.201
Tim Appell 1 WI B DKC64-35RIB 318.473
Timmy French 2 VA E DKC70-27RIB 267.697
Tom Goetz 1 KY E DKC70-27RIB 288.51
Tory Meyr 2 MO I DKC70-27RIB 306.041
Trevor Birky 2 CO H DKC54-64RIB 246.744
Troy Uphoff 1 IL B DKC63-57RIB 323.798
Tyler Schaendorf 2 MI I DKC59-82RIB 304.541
Will Curtis 2 AL H DKC68-69 314.25
Zack Pali 2 UT I DKC52-61RIB 307.886
Kevin & Dale Bahr Belmont WI AG26X0 108.2
Secondino Agri  Management Paris IL AG36X6 113.0
Brett  Wellhausen Clarinda IA AG39X9 83.3
Ben Amerin Plains KS AG37X9 97.6
Paul Kalis Wells MN AG22X9 100.0
Jimmy Frederick Rulo NE AG36X6 139.8
Jonah Neill Waterford OH AG43X0 101.3
Jon Langenberg Norfolk NE AG26X0 109.0
Marshall Landis Schoolcraft MI AG32X0 91.1
Rod Grunloh Princeton IL AG26X8 106.0
Kevin Hayden Mayfield KY AG48X9 112.0
Jeremy Beuligmann Poseyville IN AG36X6 108.0
Jamie Allen Washington NC AG46X8 91.3
Calvin Young Clinton SC AG48X9 69.3
Dennis & Jeff Pinch Rosendale WI AG20X9 91.9
Alexander  Leefers Carlinville IL AG34X6 105.7
Robert  Barkley Cumberland IA AG29X9 80.1
Paul, Ian & Zach Vincent Long Island KS AG31X9 60.5
Mike Hoernemann Winsted MN AG17X8 95.4
Marvin & Glenn  Wiles Plattsmouth NE AG39X7 94.7
Steve  Finton Coshocton OH AG33X8 90.3
Nick Svoboda Pender NE AG29X9 107.0
Anthony Hertzfeld Waterville MI AG23X8 87.0
Jason Jaggers Wyanet IL AG26X8 104.0
Jordan Hancock Fulton KY AG48X9 112.0
Thomas Roach Hertford NC AG47X9 91.3
Casey Westergard Ireton IA AG25X9 102.3
Hunt Bros Granville IA AG20X9 96.5
Matt Melberg Hector MN AG11X8 86.0
Ryan Vos Slayton MN AG21XF0 70.0

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With a history of success and a commitment to innovation, farmers can count on top-performing DEKALB, Asgrow and Deltapine brands to deliver consistent yield results season after season.

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