Harvest Results in Ida County, Iowa

This is the highest yield ever achieved for this plot in Ida County  This field has a history of regular cattle manure applications and is on well-drained soil.  It exhibits great performance from our volume leaders and newer products.

Plot Results

Plot Details

Plot Location: Ida County, Iowa

Cooperator: Rodney Lindberg

Brand Average Yield (Bu/A): 297.5 Bu/A

Brand Average Revenue ($/A): $1160.74/A

Highest Yielding Product: DKC63-90RIB Brand Blend 240.1 Bu/A

Crop: Corn

Previous Crop: Soybean

Planted: May 04, 2019

Harvested: October 31, 2019

Row Width: 30 inches

Irrigated: No

Tillage Type: Conventional

Soil Type: Silt Loam

Summary Yield Map

This plot had seven entries over 300 bu/A. Two of the top three entries are new DEKALB products, and it also had very good performance from 1- and 2-year-old products. These results demonstrate the many options from DEKALB that have great yield potential.

Seasonal Perception

This plot received normal rainfall for this area. The rain was above normal for the early season through early June, and then below normal after that. That, along with fungicide application, are likely reasons why the plot maintained good plant health.

Split Screen Summary Yield Map

The plot was planted with earlier maturities to the south and fuller maturities to the north. In general, you can see fuller-season products did well, and there was likely a disadvantage to the first entry, as it had more exposure to south wind.


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