Harvest Results in Ida County, Iowa

This rotated corn plot in Ida County — planted in 20-inch rows at 37,000 seeds per acre — is another example of DEKALB® new releases and 1- and 2-year-old products performing well. 

Plot Results

Plot Details

Plot Location: Ida County, Iowa

Cooperator: John Currie

Brand Average Yield (Bu/A): 255.5 Bu/A

Brand Average Revenue ($/A): $938.66/A

Highest Yielding Product: DKC61-40RIB Brand Blend 269.0 Bu/A

Crop: Corn

Previous Crop: Soybean

Planted: May 03, 2019

Harvested: October 28, 2019

Row Width: 20 inches

Irrigated: No

Tillage Type: Conservation: No-Till

Soil Type: Silt Loam

Summary Yield Map

Two new products at the top of this plot's yields are DKC61-40RIB Brand Blend and DKC59-81RIB Brand Blend. Breeders continue to deliver higher yield potential year after year.

Seasonal Perception

This plot received slightly less rain than the 30-year average. Rainfall was above average in the early season and below average during the late season.

Split Screen Summary Yield Map

The yield map shows some yield variation in this plot from end to end. This variation is fairly consistent across entries and is likely due to some soil factors related to water efficiency.


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