Harvest Results in Page County, Iowa

Great performance for full-season and newer products. This field received both spring-applied NH3 and an in-season nitrogen application. Total precipitation at this location was 10 inches above the 30-year average.

Plot Results

Plot Details

Plot Location: Page County, Iowa

Cooperator: Liljedahl Farms Inc.

Brand Average Yield (Bu/A): 238.3 Bu/A

Brand Average Revenue ($/A): $800.07/A

Highest Yielding Product: DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 263.0 Bu/A

Crop: Corn

Previous Crop: Soybean

Planted: April 22, 2019

Harvested: October 07, 2019

Row Width: 30 inches

Irrigated: No

Tillage Type: Conservation: No-Till

Soil Type: Silt Loam

Region Report of Yield by Variety

Summary Yield Map

Utilizing the Region Report in FieldView enables users to select an area of interest to more accurately evaluate yield by product.

Split-Screen of Yield and Hybrid

Split-Screen of Yield by Product

Note that this is a large-scale plot and each entry covered one acre.

Seasonal Perception

Season Rainfall Histogram Compared to 30-Year Average

Heavy rain events that occurred in late May and September challenged the trial. Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions Elite Seed Treatment along with DEKALB genetics help provide season-long confidence in challenging environments.


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