Harvest Results in Page County, Iowa

Great performance for full-season and newer products. This field received both spring-applied NH3 and an in-season nitrogen application. Total precipitation at this location was 10 inches above the 30-year average.

Plot Results

Plot Details

Plot Location: Page County, Iowa

Cooperator: Liljedahl Farms Inc.

Brand Average Yield (Bu/A): 238.3 Bu/A

Brand Average Revenue ($/A): $800.07/A

Highest Yielding Product: DKC70-27RIB Brand Blend 263.0 Bu/A

Crop: Corn

Previous Crop: Soybean

Planted: April 22, 2019

Harvested: October 07, 2019

Row Width: 30 inches

Irrigated: No

Tillage Type: Conservation: No-Till

Soil Type: Silt Loam

Summary Yield Map

Utilizing the Region Report in FieldView enables users to select an area of interest to more accurately evaluate yield by product.

Split-Screen of Yield by Product

Note that this is a large-scale plot and each entry covered one acre.

Season Rainfall Histogram Compared to 30-Year Average

Heavy rain events that occurred in late May and September challenged the trial. Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions Elite Seed Treatment along with DEKALB genetics help provide season-long confidence in challenging environments.


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