Harvest Results in Palo Alto, Iowa

This plot was one of few in the area that was planted in April. That timing gave the full-season RM hybrids a chance to mature, and it showed in their top-end yield.

Plot Results

Plot Details

Plot Location: Palo Alto County, Iowa

Cooperator: Gene Olberding

Brand Average Yield (Bu/A): 231.2 Bu/A

Brand Average Revenue ($/A): $875.77/A

Highest Yielding Product: DKC59-82RIB Brand Blend 250.0 Bu/A

Crop: Corn

Previous Crop: Corn-Grain

Planted: April 24, 2019

Harvested: October 13, 2019

Row Width: 30 inches

Irrigated: No

Tillage Type: Conventional

Soil Type: Clay Loam

Summary Yield Map

Excellent yields can be seen in this full 1/2-mile length plot over variable soils.

Summary Yield Map

This overall summary yield map shows the variability present with several different soil types.

Yield by Soil Type

The ability to do yield analysis on soil types within the field is valuable for determining the strengths and weaknesses of hybrids. This picture shows that DKC58-34RIB brand blend was able to yield very well compared to other hybrids in a tougher part of the field.

Split Screen Summary Yield Map

The consistent performance of DKC59-82RIB brand blend is very evident in this split-screen shot of the plot.


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