Plot Results

Plot Location
Brantford Township, Kansas
Tony Vancampen
Average Yield (Bu/A)
Average Revenue ($/A)
Brand Average Yield (Bu/A)
72.8 Bu/A
Brand Average Revenue ($/A)

Products are listed in the order they were planted. Gross Revenue ($/A) is based on assumed selling price of $9.50/Bu and drying cost of $.00/point moisture over 15.0%.

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  Entry # Brand Product Trait Relative Maturity Harvest Moisture (%) Yield (Bu/A) Gross Revenue ($)
1 Asgrow AG3634 Brand expand_more 1 Asgrow
AG3634 Brand
RR2Y 3.6 11.0 11.0 76.3 76.3 724.60 724.60
2 Asgrow AG3931 Brand expand_more 2 Asgrow
AG3931 Brand
RR2Y 3.9 13.0 13.0 69.3 69.3 658.39 658.39
Plot Details
Row Width
30 inches
Previous Crop
May 13 2016
Tillage Type
Conservation: No-Till
Oct 03 2016
Soil Type
Silt Loam
Experiment Number
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CONV = Conventional

SS = SmartStax® Corn

SSRIB = SmartStax® RIB Complete® corn blend

RR = Roundup Ready®

RR2 = Roundup Ready® Corn 2

RR2Y = Roundup Ready 2 Yield® Soybean

RR2Y/SR = Roundup Ready 2 Yield®/SR®

RR/LL = Roundup Ready®/LibertyLink®

VT2P = VT Double PRO® corn

VT2PRIB = VT Double PRO® RIB Complete® corn blend

VT3P = VT Triple PRO® corn

VT3PRIB = VT Triple PRO® RIB Complete® corn blend

DGVT2P = DroughtGard® Hybrids with VT Double PRO® corn

DGVT2PRIB = DroughGard® Hybrids with VT Double PRO® RIB Complete® corn blend

DGVT3PRIB = DroughtGard® Hybrids with VT Triple PRO® RIB Complete® corn blend

LL = LibertyLink®

= DEKALB® Disease Shield®