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Rating Scale: 1 = Excellent; 9 = Poor; – = Not Available

Codes/Symbols: L = Long; M = Medium; HG = HopperGuard; HR = High Resistance (>50% resistant plants); R = Resistance (31-50% resistance plants); MR = Moderate Resistance (15-30% resistance plants);  S = Susceptible (0-5% resistant plants); RFQ = Relative Forage Quality based on forage energy content and digestible fiber; NT = Not Tested; FD = Fall Dormancy

NOTES: Fall dormancy, winter hardiness and pest resistance ratings are based on comparisons with standard check varieties.

Multifoliate index ratings are based on the percentage of leaf sites that have more than three leaflets. Ratings range from 1 to 5, with 1 = all trifoliate leaves (0%) and 5 = 8+ multifoliate leaves per stem on 80% or more of the plant.

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