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These ratings are approximate and should not be considered as absolute. Based on Monsanto conducted trials realtive to other DEKALB® brand corn.

Rating Scale: 1 = Excellent; 9 = Poor; - = None

Codes: L = Low; S = Short; M-S = Medium - Short; M = Medium; M-MH = Medium - Medium High; M-H = Medium High; M-L = Medium-Low; M-T = Medium Tall; MH-H = Medium High - High; T = Tall; H = High

Herbicide Tolerance
Ratings are based on observations and research using herbicides at labeled and above labeled rates to simulate extreme environmental conditions, misapplication and adverse soil pH or organic content.

A = Acceptable

Either no adverse effects from the corn product/herbicide combination were noted on any traits or only slight damage could be noted under adverse conditions or herbicide application at higher than label rates.

C = Caution
The corn product/herbicide combination is usually not a problem if sprayed according to label directions, but can result in plant height reductions, stand loss and suspected yield loss under very adverse environmental conditions, high rates or extreme soil pH levels or organic content. Use drop nozzle spraying for postemergence herbicides to avoid interactions.

W = Warning
Not advised–this corn product/herbicide combination should not be used under any circumstances.

GDU (Growing Degree Unit)
Although maturity of one corn product relative to another remains reasonably constant, the actual number of calendar days from planting to any given point of plant development varies with temperature, day length, rate and date of planting, soil fertility and other environmental factors. All GDU values calculated are from the time of planting.

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