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Drew Haines

The Making of a Champion


2018 National Corn Growers Association Yield Contest Winner, Drew Haines, of Middletown, Maryland, shares which DEKALB® products helped him achieve a winning season and make him a champion of yield.

Terry Novak
Weathering the Storm

The consistent performance of Asgrow® soybeans and dedicated team helped Terry Novak of northeast Nebraska, brother Randy and brother-in-law Allan Grossnicklaus see success while farming through the elements.

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Austin Underdahl
Grounded in Performance

Third-generation Wisconsin farmer and agronomist Austin Underdahl knows about performance. It's why he decided to go 100% DEKALB and use the Climate FieldView™ platform to measure his success.

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Marvin Wiles
Top of the Field

Farmer Marvin Wiles of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, discusses his operation and how the consistent performance of DEKALB® products helped him win multiple NCGA Yield Contests.

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Adam Graham

Ohio farmer Adam Graham knows about varying soil types. But with DEKALB® and Asgrow® seed, he’s confident he's getting the most yield potential possible, no matter what ground he stands on.

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Brian Prest
Clean Fields, High Yields

Farmer Brian Prest of Lively Grove, Illinois, values the consistently top results of Asgrow® soybeans and the information he receives from the Climate FieldView™ platform for clean fields and high yields.

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Jason Jaggers
The Business of Bushels

Jason Jaggers, a third-generation farmer in northern Illinois, traded his love of dirt track racing to expand his operation. Though margins are tight, bushels he produces have him running strong.

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Clint Bowyer

Putting in the Work


Proving yourself every season. For Kansas native Clint Bowyer, driver of the #14 DEKALB® Ford Mustang, that’s just one of the parallels between farming and racing. He knows each is performance-driven.

Josh Young
Planning for the Future

Josh Young of Macoupin County, Illinois, wants to pass his family farm on to the sixth generation. That's why he looks for new technology that can help trim his costs while increasing his yield. 

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Keith Reinhart
A Story of Support

2018 NCGA National Corn Yield Contest Winner, Keith Reinhart, discusses how the Climate FieldView™ platform and support from DEKALB and Illini FS helped him to achieve his highest yield numbers yet.

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Rick and Rex Paris
Making Every Acre Count

Father and son Rick and Rex Paris are fifth- and sixth-generation farmers in northern Missouri. With the help of DEKALB®  products, they work together to preserve a family farm legacy. 

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Joe Dierickx
The Next Generation of Farming

Joe Dierickx, who farms with his brother in eastern Iowa, yearns to pass on the farm to his son and nephew. He knows good technology and business relationships are key to making the transition a success.

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Heath Cutrell
Taking it to a New Level

Heath Cutrell of Chesapeake, Virginia, is no stranger to performance. As a five-time NCGA Yield Contest winner, he's continually pushing his yields to go higher — and DEKALB to go further.

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Todd Hanten
The Joy of Farming

Todd Hanten of eastern South Dakota loves farming. It started at 15 with dairy cattle and moved to raising corn and soybeans, where he discovered the reward of harvesting a bountiful crop.

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Jack Scott
Home Sweet Homestead

Jack Scott farms the same land in the Red River Valley of North Dakota that his great grandfather homesteaded in 1880 and is where he takes great pride in carrying on the family legacy.

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Scott Balsmeyer
The Challenge

Scott Balsmeyer, a fourth-generation farmer in Holland, Indiana, enjoys the challenges of growing season. With heavy disease pressure and low commodity prices, this season was his biggest test. 

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Kevin Kalb
Set Up to Succeed

An eight-time NCGA Yield Contest winner, Kevin Kalb of Dubois, Indiana, had five DEKALB® products go over 350 bu/A last year. Hear more about his approach to consistent success.

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Joe Sullivan

High Technology


Joe Sullivan of Franklin, Minnesota, believes in integrating the latest technology into his operation to help him and his family make better management decisions on all acres at all times.

John and Arlet Jackle
A Tale of Two Seasons

John and Arlet Jackle of Jasper, Indiana, had a rough growing season with southern rust last year. They rebounded in a big way this growing season with changes in management practices.

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Jesse Flye, Dustin Morris and Aaron Garner
The Seed That Makes the South Grow

Performance and high yield potential matter. Hear why southern growers Jesse Flye, Dustin Morris and Aaron Garner trust DEKALB®, Asgrow® and Deltapine® to meet their needs and make them successful.

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Alexander Frick and David McMahan
Performance and Customer Support

In the tough growing conditions of northeastern Texas, Alexander Frick and David McMahan rely on seed brands that provide proven performance and expert advice to get the most out of their acres.

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Michael Mills
A Strong Choice

North Carolina grower Michael Mills didn't need trial and error to find the right cotton for his fields after he saw the performance of Deltapine® cotton.

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Austin Littleton
Every Seed Has A Story

Missouri grower Austin Littleton and his brother Justin carry on their family farm's tradition of trusting the Strong Cotton of Deltapine.

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Jason Boehler

The consistent performance of DEKALB® products help Jason Boehler deal with the challenges he faces on his farm in Litchfield, Illinois.

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Mitch Fessler
Easing the Worry

Less-than-ideal growing conditions didn’t stress Mitch Fessler out this season since he had DEKALB® products in ground.


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Jarod Weaver
Confidence Through a Challenging Season

Southern Illinois farmer Jarod Weaver’s confidence isn’t shaken by a challenging season because he trusts the consistent performance of DEKALB and Asgrow.

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Erich Schneider
Texas Farmer Finds Value In New Varieties

In the Coastal Bend near Sinton, Texas, grower Erich Schneider depends on the resilience of Deltapine to battle tough growing conditions.

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Rance Barnes Jr.

Clean Fields, High Yield Potential


Kenton, Tennessee farmer Rance Barnes Jr. is no stranger to fighting Palmer amaranth each season. It’s been plaguing Tennessee farmland for more than a decade, but now he’s found a solution with the Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System.

John Kelley
A Thirst For Innovation

John Kelley of Friendship, Tennessee isn’t afraid to push the envelope. That’s why he relies on the constant innovation of Deltapine to help push his yields higher each season.

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Ty Turnipseed
West Texas Tough

In the tough growing conditions of Hockley County, Texas, grower Ty Turnipseed defines Strong Cotton as whatever can hold up in West Texas. That’s why he plants 100% Deltapine.

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Tyler Chapman
A Passion For Cotton

With unpredictable weather and strong insect pressure, growing cotton in Winnsboro, Louisiana is tough. That’s why grower, Tyler Chapman relies on cotton that’s even tougher.

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Troy McGann
Conquering A Challenging Season

Troy McGann’s family farm sits northwest of Lubbock, Texas. Ever since he can remember, his family has trusted the resilience and consistency of Deltapine. This past season, it was tested like never before.

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Tommy Thompson, Ty Woodard, Wes Woodard
Consistency in South Carolina

Two South Carolina farms depend on the consistent performance of DEKALB, Asgrow and Deltapine as they face extreme weather, insect pressure and weed threats.

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Brian McClam
Farming Strong Against Setbacks

Brian McClam’s South Carolina farm has taken some big hits from Mother Nature, but Deltapine Strong Cotton helps his operation persevere.

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Lee Lasater
Persevering Through Pressure

Lee Lasater farms in Hazel Green, Alabama, where the row-crop region has been hit hard by resistant Palmer amaranth. Weed management was expensive and time-consuming before planting Deltapine cotton with XtendFlex® technology, but now his family farm has seen the benefits.

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Shane May
Tough Start, Strong Finish

Shane May knows all too well that unpredictable rainfall and potential hurricanes can threaten the yield potential and livelihood of cotton growers on the Texas Coast. But erratic weather doesn’t stop his success.

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Don Lynn
Weathering the Storm

Kennett, Missouri, farmer Don Lynn started farming in 1957. He counts on the strong performance of Deltapine® cotton and his local team to keep him on track, even in the face of one of his most trying seasons of farming.

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Skyler Droke
Performing Under Pressure

Hornersville, Missouri, farmer Skyler Droke counts on the consistent performance and strong results of Deltapine during a season of challenging conditions.

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Ralph Kellermeier
It's a Family Thing

Farming in the Rolling Plains of Texas is all third-generation farmer Ralph Kellermeier knows. He’s seen just about every type of season and that’s why, for over 30 years, he continues to grow Deltapine.

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Jason Kramer
Century-Old Legacy

Jason Kramer’s 100-year-old Colorado family farm has been through every type of season imaginable. And while each season may be different, the consistent performance of DEKALB has proven itself on their farm.

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Byron Kramer
Hail of a Season

Even after a record-breaking hail storm hit the area, Colorado farmer Byron Kramer still managed to walk away with 2nd place in Colorado in the division no-till non-irrigated corn in the 2019 NCGA Yield Contest.

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Joe Bullerman
Transitioning A Legacy

For the last 20 years, Iowa farmer Joe Bullerman has been growing DEKALB. After farming for over 42 years, he's transitioning not only his operation over to his two sons but also his legacy. Hear why leaving behind a profitable legacy is important to him.

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